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Construction Project Manager Job Description

Chandni Dwivedi
If you are one of those who have their mind set on making a mark in the construction industry, then a construction project manager job description can clarify the opportunity in project management that lies ahead for you.
The construction industry is booming like never before, and anyone who is a part of this industry knows what tremendous satisfaction can be derived, when a structure is complete. To have played a role in creating world-class structures is something any engineer would be proud of.
The management of construction projects requires knowledge of modern management as well as an understanding of the design and construction process. Here is an overview of the job description of a project manager, which succinctly lists out his roles and responsibilities.

Job Overview of a Construction Project Manager

The incumbent is responsible for:
  • Overall project planning and scheduling
  • Resource allocation
  • Project accounting and control
  • Providing technical direction
  • Ensuring compliance with quality standards
The job duties cover all the areas of project management:
  • Project Planning
  • Cost Management
  • Time Management
  • Quality Management
  • Contract Administration
  • Safety Management

Duties and responsibilities of a construction project manager:

  • Charting out the project objectives and plans
  • Setting performance requirements
  • Selecting project participants
  • Bringing about optimum utilization of resources - labor, materials, and equipment
  • Ensuring material procurement at cost-effective terms
  • Implementation of various operations through proper coordination
  • Development of effective communications and mechanisms for resolving conflicts among the various participants
  • Overseeing the project from beginning to end
  • Playing a key role in project planning, budgeting, and identification of resources needed
  • Creating the teams, developing the objectives/goals of each, and assigning individual responsibilities
  • To project accounting functions - managing the budget, tracking team expenses, and minimizing exposure and risk in the project
  • Ensuring that the activities move as per the predetermined schedule
  • Devising project work plans and making revisions as needed
  • Communicating with the contractors responsible for completing various phases of the project
  • Maintaining strict adherence to the budgetary guidelines, quality, and safety standards.
  • Coordinating efforts of all parties involved - the architects, consultants, contractors, sub-contractors and laborers.
  • Monitoring progress of the activities regularly and holding regular status meetings with all sub-teams
  • Periodically inspecting the construction sites
  • Ensuring completion of project documents
  • Identifying the elements of project design that may be likely to give rise to disputes and claims
  • Reviewing the deliverable prepared by the team before passing onto the client

Knowledge and Skills Required

  • You will ideally require a four-year bachelor's degree in civil engineering.
  • A postgraduate degree in construction management is an added advantage.
  • A minimum of 5 years work experience in construction projects will help.
  • You need excellent communication skills and a good understanding of MEP building systems.
  • Thorough knowledge of legal issues and safety standards is essential.

Qualitative and Other Attributes Required:

  • Ability to plan and organize a team effort
  • Good client management and goodwill building ability
  • Capacity to motivate, lead, and boost morale of the teams
  • Effective time management and logical decision-making ability
  • Capacity to handle pressure
  • Willingness to travel extensively
  • Physical and mental fitness
  • Strong focus on quality


  • The  annual salary of a construction project manager can be in the range of USD 46,000 - USD 110,000.
  • As per survey reports, a candidate who has 5-9 years of work experience can earn more than USD 100,000, annually.
  • Compensation, to a large extent, depends on the personal credentials, competence, relevant work experience, and qualifications.
  • The job description may vary as well, and so will the salary.
In essence, the project manager acts as the backbone of the entire project. It is a position of great responsibility, requiring complete and thorough technical knowledge of the construction process and also, strongest possible focus on quality.
He is the leader who conceptualizes the project, and is responsible for its smooth organization, implementation, and completion, to the satisfaction of the clients. The job description of a construction project manager aims to highlight the multi-faceted role of the person managing a construction project.