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Construction Management Career Information

Here's all you need to know about this career...
Shah Newaz Alam
A construction manager is known by various other profile names - constructor, construction superintendent, general superintendent, production manager, project manager, general construction manager, executive construction manager, general contractor, contractor, and subcontractor.
It may require him to be available 24×7 to deal with the infinite number of problems at the site. He may be self-employed or working on a payroll for an organization.


A solid background in building sciences, combined with some relative experience is the ideal qualification. Relevant knowledge of business administration would work further to your advantage. This branch is also known by other names like construction science and construction technology. The course duration is generally four years.
Candidates with a master's degree get hired very easily by the large corporations. Candidates who are hired are thoroughly assessed on their understanding of plans, drawings, cost estimation, and management skills. Generally, people rise to this post after gaining sufficient experience in crafts work, supervision, etc.
An additional certification from organizations like the American Institute of Constructors (AIC) and Construction Management Association of America (CMAA), though not compulsory, would definitely act as a positive factor in the candidate's resume.

Career Opportunities

Being one of the fastest growing sectors all over the world, it has been studied and estimated by various labor science bureaus, that the non-residential construction industry will have an even more rapid growth by the end of this decade.
As the industry keeps making faster strides, the need for experienced human resource will also rise.

Job Profile

A major part of the job is carried out outside his office, at the site. He has to be available at the site almost throughout the working day, and analyze and troubleshoot any problem that may arise.
Small projects like renovating a residence are carried out by self-employed individuals, who directly deal with the workers and execute the entire project.
In larger projects like those of bridges or commercial centers, the work is divided amongst a number of construction managers. A construction manager is responsible for a wide variety of jobs related to the different sorts of constructions, that may vary from commercial and residential buildings, to bridges and roads.
The entire construction work is planned by him. He divides the work into small parts, and estimates the time and financial resources needed to execute each part.
His planning has to be precise, and he needs to take into account the various calamities or unavoidable circumstances that may arise during the execution of each of his plans. Multitasking specialties and working under pressure are very important attributes that one needs to possess in this role and environment.

Financial Benefits

The remuneration generally depends on the type of project being handled. The geographic location of the site is taken into account when deciding the salary.
They generally have to work far away from their office, and in many cases, they are sent to work outside their city or country, which makes their career generally very lucrative. They are also entitled to different types of bonuses and allowances.
It is a general view that business has also been hit by recession just like any other industry. But, career prospects in this industry are not going to dim. Rising market conditions are always accompanied by a number of constructions. As the economy starts growing and getting better, infrastructural growth needs to be in pace with the recovering economy.