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Concierge Job Description

Kundan Pandey
Dynamism coupled with knowledge about travel and tourism industry forms the hallmark of a concierge. The story below elaborates on the job description of a concierge.
Concierges are an integral part of every hotel set up. It is probably impossible to imagine where would hotel guests be without the presence of a skilled concierge. The job of a concierge requires them to cater to the needs of guests and coordinate tasks that can help them in fulfilling the guests' request. The career opportunities in this field have increased with a boom in the hotel industry.

What is a Concierge?

  • The word concierge has French origin, and it means "keeper of the keys".
  • Basically, this profession dates back to medieval France, when individuals were employed to look after homes and castles and were given the responsibilities of fulfilling the requests of guests.
  • As the wheels of time have progressed, this profession has evolved itself, and duties of concierges have expanded to various levels.

Job Description

  • Concierges play a pivotal role in managing customer operations in resorts and hotels.
  • They are the lifeline of hotels and they are entrusted with the job of managing customer requests and queries.
  • Their job includes activities ranging from seeking solutions of guests problems to helping guests in reservations for various other facilities, like spas, arranging shows, and special events.
  • Requests from guests can often be outlandish and seemingly impossible, however, call it the nature of this profession, concierges have to try their best to fulfill the request of their guests.
  • The job description of a concierge entails him to have excellent contacts with VIPs and an in depth knowledge about the local area and its various places.
  • Making good contacts is absolutely vital for a concierge, as the demands of guests may often require help from external sources.
  • Be it the arrangement of transportation to visit the city or any other needs, concierges work for fulfillment of their guests' needs.
  • In VIP hotels, they represent the face of hotels, and so, this makes their position a highly responsible designation.
  • Their positive demeanor influences corporates and big business houses to visit the hotel frequently.
  • Their desk in hotels forms the epicenter of various working activities.
  • Their care and prompt attention to the problems of guests creates a good image of the services.
  • He is responsible for handling guest mails and messages, and draft replies promptly.
  • He has to arrange reservations for dinners and concerts.
  • He needs to suggest restaurants, shopping location, spas, health services, and other places of interest for the guest in the area.
  • They also have to act as travel consultants and guide guests on various discount travel packages and special services offered. In fact, they might have to act as guides for helping guests understand local tourist maps and geographical areas.
  • They have to maintain confidentiality of any information of the guests and safeguard their belongings.
  • If working at a chief position, a concierge can supervise juniors and staff.


  • Getting a job as concierge has become relatively easier today, because there are various employment agencies that guide individuals to be hired at this position.
  • A bachelor's degree in hotel management coupled with excellent command over English language are the most important requirements for this job.
  • Language can play a deciding role in the success of an individual as a concierge, being multilingual is a great tool to effectively deal with customers in this profession, especially if the customer is a foreign guest.
Though not a rule, but a concierge can and does receive a fair amount by the way of tips provided by guests and customers in exchange of prompt service and amenities. An imposing personality and an openness to appreciate various cultures is necessary to become successful as a concierge.
Their job is to fulfill any requests of the guests, they must ensure that those requests are legal, and they don't have to land up in trouble in managing the needs of their guests.