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Computer Technician Job Description

Kundan Pandey
One of the most important jobs of a computer technician is to troubleshoot and rectify the problems that are encountered in the functioning of computers at homes or offices.
The job of computer technicians offers myriad career opportunities to students and builds a strong platform for their future growth in the IT field. Students and youngsters who love solving and analyzing computer problems have great prospects in this field. Although training and education are extremely important, an inner urge and interest to understand and solve the problems related to computers is the fundamental prerequisite to become a such a technician.

Job Description

Simply stated, the job of these technicians is to solve and troubleshoot the problems related to desktop computers, laptops and different types of computers. When we encounter operational difficulties in the functioning of the computers, we need skilled technicians to fix our problems. While some simple problems can be sorted out on our own, by researching and understanding the functioning of the computers, there can be several problems that require the need of experts.
  • Their job involves planning, designing and implementation of the computer network.
  • Testing, installing and connecting various computers in the networks, troubleshooting and diagnosing hardware problems, computer repairs and desktops at home and offices, are all part of the job.
  • Technicians who are working in the research and development departments of the manufacturers (after some good educational degrees and work experience) or in consumer electronic shops, diagnose problems, replace parts of the personal computers, and repair hardware problems.
  • With the increasing demand of the computer technicians and growing challenges of handling computer problems, they are expected to keep themselves abreast with the new technologies. Besides the knowledge of computer hardware troubleshooting, the crucial aspect of the computer job description is to be aware about the operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Unix and various other software applications that are introduced in the market with their updated versions.

Educational Requirements and Skills

To become a computer technician, there are certain educational requirements that should be fulfilled. This professional usually possesses a bachelor's or associate's degree in computer science, computer engineering, electrical engineering and telecommunications.
Some employers also recruit candidates with certificate courses in computer networking and hardware. These training programs are industry oriented courses that are designed in such a way that the computer can have a practical experience of the job. Many of them prefer to work independently and in home owned businesses.
They have to often work in hectic schedule rushing to various calls and troubleshooting problems of many clients and customers. They have to carry all the necessary instruments required for troubleshooting the computers.
They also carry the software CDs related to the diagnosis of the computer problems, testers, cables and connectors, anti virus software, thumb drives, LAN wire connectors and other important software. Another important facet of the computer job description is that he must have good communication skills.
A good knowledge in English helps them to deal with wide variety of people from different backgrounds. Patience and ability to focus on the job are necessary attributes for anybody aspiring to be a computer technician.
As such, there is no definite path to become a computer technician. Some start it as a hobby in the graduation years and move on to gain mastery in it and converting it into their professions. Some, on the other hand, traditionally follow it by taking educational degrees. If you read the interviews of experienced technicians, then you will find that education as well as good work experience is the key to get a good salary in this field.
A computer technician earns nearly US $40,000 to US $65,000 annually and this can increase with your hard work and ability to tackle problems faster. With advanced certifications and diplomas, he can command higher salaries. Students interested in becoming these technicians must possess aptitude to crack complex problems and solve them with logic and analysis.