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Computer Information Systems Careers

Stephen Rampur
Computer information systems careers are amongst the most desired in this century. It has a lot to offer in terms of job satisfaction, a competitive salary, and vast technical and managerial knowledge and a lifelong potential of growth for individuals.
Businesses today are in search of competent technology professionals for ensuring a quality technological infrastructure. Computer information systems professionals play an important role in handling and planning an organizations technological assets.
They exclusively deal in internet security, networking operations, technical support, and web designing and programming. However, their responsibilities can't be easily categorized as they have to evolve according to the technological advancements that change from time to time. 
Due to the rapid changes in technology, they have to keep up and also pick up new skill sets to be at par with global workforce. They are in great demand in the job market today, and the demand is expected to grow in the near future. Along with technical knowledge, they also have a deep understanding of the business and management processes.
Computer information systems professionals normally work 40 hours a week, but may be required to work on weekends, if there are some emergencies or deadlines to be met. Some professionals from this field may feel the pressure of meeting expected goals within a short time.
Most of their work is done remotely using desktops, laptops, internet, and emails. They need to continuously communicate with the clients or employees who are working from remote locations, via phone or emails to solve their problems. They are mostly employed by banks, financial houses, government agencies, and manufacturers.
Computer information system has many positions and opportunities to choose from, like systems analyst, computer forensics analyst, and database administrators, and many more.

Computer Forensic Analysts

It is considered to be one of the fastest growing fields. A professional in this field works with law enforcement departments. His duty is to research and investigate various crimes, such as corporate frauds and corruption. Use of forensic-related computer technology is required in the interrogation.

Database Administrators

Database administrators preserve, handle, and extract information, and also develop new databases according to the needs of their clients. They are given important responsibilities coupled with a competitive salary, as they are the ones who are in charge of a client's project.

Web Developers

This is one of the most interesting fields in computer information systems. Web developers develop, launch, and maintain websites and web-based applications. They are adept in most of the programming and designing languages, along with technical skills that are necessary to survive in the field.

Information Systems Security Professionals

An information systems security professional is a security-in-charge for client's information, and website security applications and systems. Their duty includes protecting the client's websites from unauthorized access or hacking, and incorporating protective systems. They are professionals who are crucially needed for preventing internet crimes.

Computer Systems Analysts

A person in this field has to be logical and analytical, a problem solver, and technically proficient in data modeling. He has the prime responsibility of assisting managers in designing computer systems and applications which would best suit the client's needs.
The minimum requirement for this career is a bachelor's degree, but most of the companies prefer hiring postgraduates, like an MBA with a specialization in information technology. Moreover, advanced technology and management certifications are an added advantage that an employer would definitely consider.
Some employers hire professionals even without any qualifications, as they emphasize primarily on the individual's experience and not on his qualifications.

As there are numerous avenues of growth open in the computer information systems field, it surely seems to be a satisfactory and a lucrative option.