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Common Interview Questions

Uttara Manohar
Interviewers have a certain pattern to their questioning routine that you can use to your advantage. Learn about the common interview questions that are asked as part of the rounds, so that you can mentally prepare yourself for what is to come.
One of the essential interview skills lies in the art of formulating good questions to gain as much information about the candidate as possible. It is always boring to hear and ask the same old questions, however some of these questions are the most effective when it comes to finding out important information about the candidates.

Tell us something about yourself

Well this question is a great opportunity for people who know what to say at the right time. Since the answer is quite subjective, the candidate can assess what the company is looking for and put forth some of his work experience and achievements, that are totally in line with the profile which the company is looking out for.
As for the interviewers, they can judge the person's presence of mind, his ability to communicate important information in a short and succinct way and of course his skills and experience. This question can be a great icebreaker to start off the interview.

Why did you quit your previous job?

This question is a tricky one for the candidate in case the candidate was fired from his previous job. The answer has to be true yet subtle.
In case you have a genuine reason to look for a new job, for example, want a better pay, looking for a more comfortable location, then say so. As for the interviewer this question gives an insight into the candidate's experience and his overall attitude towards work.

Qualifications which make you an ideal candidate for this organization?

Well, this is the time for a candidate to rack his brains and come up with a precise answer, supplemented with some great examples that demonstrate how he/she can be a valued addition to the company.

What do you know about our organization and why do you want to work with us?

Every candidate is expected to do his homework before the interview. This question has to be answered with specific references to the data that you have studied about the company's profile, the latest achievements, and so on.
You will score yourself some brownie points if you are able to mention numbers and statistics. As for the interviewer, this question helps to understand how much research and efforts the candidate has put in for the interview and how genuinely he / she is interested in the opportunity.

How much are you expecting to earn from this company?

Well, if you are the candidate, here is your chance to raise the bar. One thing that I have learned is never under-estimate yourself. Also, keep room for negotiation. As for the interviewers, here is your chance to know how much the candidate can ask for and whether he/she really seems worth the amount.
In addition to this, there can be a number of common questions like, where do you see yourself five years down the lane? Or what are your strengths and weaknesses?
It is always better to rephrase these questions in an interesting manner or think of new questions that do not sound clich├ęd or dull. Using some of these tried and tested questions can be a great idea for any job interview.