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Civil Service Careers

Prashant Magar
A career in the civil service is a desirable option for many people who look forward to formally contribute to the working of the government. Find information about the selection procedures and various requirements for a job in the US Civil Service.
Civil service jobs in almost all the countries are considered prestigious. A simple definition for the same would be, a service wherein an employee works for any government entity. These jobs differ in their selection norms and working procedures across nations, but the underlying principle remains the same.

Careers in the US

The Civil Service Commission of the US was formally created by enacting the Pendleton Civil Service Reform Act, on January 16, 1883. After the passage of the law, these services and the subsequent transformations it went through, led to a system, largely devoid of political or other influences.
This facilitated a fair, non-corrupt, and efficient bureaucracy. Almost 80% of the Federal jobs are filled through competitive examinations. These exams are part of the endeavor of the US government to sustain and attract a meritorious human resource in the most crucial and defining jobs.
The United States Civil Service has done away with compulsory testing for a career opportunity in bureaucracy. Under the present system, the Office of Personnel Management and other such Federal organizations post job requirements or vacancies, which can be applied for by interested candidates.
According to the requirements of the job, the candidate goes through certain tests, which vary in nature across various departments and the category of service.
The jobs involving great deal of professional knowledge and administrative positions, usually require a candidate to go through a written exam, though it is not mandatory. The basic qualification involves a decent bachelor's degree or a suitable and relevant job experience for the concerned post.
However, graduation or work experience is not mandatory and the applicants can also be eligible for tests or interview procedure by possessing a combination of work experience and relevant degree. For instance, 2 year work experience along with 2 years of formal education out of 3, may be accepted as a qualifying criteria depending on the position offered.
The Outstanding Scholar Program is one special eligibility criteria wherein a candidate having GPA of more than 3.45 or who is amongst the top 10% performers of his major or academic course, can be considered for the job. However, requirements for such a program change from time to time, depending on the current job market in the country.
Other than that, an applicant should be a resident and citizen of the USA, possessing a valid social security number. Public relations, diplomatic or foreign service, and various departments of the federal system require able individuals to handle these jobs, requiring high expertise in the concerned fields.
This career is one of the most stable and satisfying endeavor, that can be pursued by an individual. Along with the prestige and the stability associated with the job, it is deeply satisfying to provide service to the nation in your own little but significant way.