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Church Secretary Job Description

A church secretary is required to perform several administrative tasks for the church and the community alike, looking after the  finances & documents.
Rohini Mohan
They are also required to send out notices for prayer meetings, funerals, baptisms, etc.
A church cannot function without all its members cooperating with each other. Nonetheless, a church secretary is essentially the most important member of the church, as all the work is received, planned and executed by him or her.
They are the ones who perform the administrative functions of the church, and have to carry out secretarial duties, such as assorting files, receiving and making calls, keeping dates and appointments, etc. The church secretary is also responsible for organizing baptisms, weddings and funeral congregations.
These are just a few of the responsibilities of the secretary, and the tasks increase substantially with the size, popularity, and power of the church, being represented. Before discussing their various duties, let us find out how to become a church secretary, and the qualifications needed.

Expected Qualities of a Church Secretary

  • A high school diploma is the minimal qualification expected from an aspiring candidate.
  • The candidate must have the ability to make the right decisions, without having to seek advice from the executive pastor, on every trivial matter.
  • He or she must be able to multitask and handle more than one project at a time.
  • The candidate must have some past secretarial experience, such as maintaining files, being able to make shorthand notes, and being skilled with typing and using the computer.
  • They must be diligent and work for God, and not for their own vested interests. They must not be lethargic and make excuses to evade work, especially when their justification is untrue. They must never lie in the house of the Lord.
  • They must be willing to work during the weekends and late into the evenings, whenever the church needs their assistance.
  • They must have excellent interpersonal social skills, so that they can treat their church members with compassion, respect and understanding. They must listen to their problems and give appropriate advice, which will help the troubled individual feel better, and feel a sense of hope and faith.
  • It is their innate duty to keep all the information regarding the administration of the church and the personal problems of its members under guard and confidential. It is the secretary's moral responsibility to look after the dignity of the church and its people.

Duties of a Church Secretary

  • Financial responsibilities include making a record of the cash received by the church, and money spent for administration of the church.
  • To be present for all church meetings and make notes of the decisions made during them.
  • To maintain files for all the meetings, documents, charities, donations received, assets and liabilities if any.
  • Must manage the church reception or delegate duty to an intern, in case they are needed someplace else.
  • Must formulate the church bulletin, notice board, and the sermon of the pastor. They are also responsible for getting these transcripts published and circulated to all the church members, on a monthly or weekly basis.
  • They must scrutinize the postal as well as web mails, and transfer important letters and fax, to the senior authorities of the church.
  • They organize and head the meetings of the church employees, and listen to their input and requirements.
  • A permanent record of all the church members must be kept up-to-date with the recent amendments.
  • A record of the church ministry's library must be maintained and preserved in hard as well as soft copies. Multiple saved folders must be created, so as to create backup, in case the information is lost or damaged.
  • Annual reports stating the church's performance are to be documented and recorded for future reference.
  • The pastor and other senior members must be informed about any cases of hospitalization, marital counseling, divorce, birth or death, within the community, so that they can provide their support, prayers and guidance to the ones who seek help.
  • A secretary must be willing to travel, when asked to, as the work would be for the church. The secretary is the representative of the church and has to act with dignity.
  • The church equipment and assets must be looked after, accounted for, and properly recorded.
  • After the baptism of newborn babies, the secretary has to ensure that baby dedication certificates are provided to those parents who wish to offer their child for the service of god in the future.
A church secretary is treated with respect and love by his or her community members. Anyone who is a true believer and wishes to contribute towards the development of the church can take up this position. The annual salary of this job usually ranges between USD 20,300 and USD 35,850 and total remuneration increases as per the church being represented.