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Your Guide to Choosing a Career Test

Shashank Nakate
The process of choosing a career test involves judging it on various parameters. Let us guide you through the same.
To choose a right career path is very important to achieve the goals. A good career gives us financial stability, and also the joy of working in the right field. The career assessment tests help a person understand his qualities and thereby assist in him in the process of career development. This assessment helps in choosing the right career path.

Importance of a Career Test

The test that is chosen to decide a career path should be scientific and should assess a person accurately. The results or options provided by the career test should enable in choosing the right career with ease.The test should make our decision about a career easier for us. Career opportunities should also be kept in mind while taking such tests.

How to Choose a Career Test?

Here are a few guidelines or tips that one should follow in order to take the right career choosing tests.

► One should choose a high quality career interest test to get accurate results. Such a test would help a person understand himself in a better way, suggest a variety of career options and provide exhaustive information about every career choice.
► Taking a valid test is considered to be of utmost importance in making a serious career decision. The term valid here, means that the test should have some scientific base or evidence. Such tests help in choosing the right career options.
► Some of the online tests are recommended by experts. It is not necessary that a person with a Ph.D. would recommend the right career test. Many schools, professional and government organizations recommend tests for the right career. This suggestion could be well intentioned, but may not be reliable. Thus, one should look for tests with scientific evidence.
► One should check whether a particular website provides validity tests for a career assessment test.
► The assistance of a professional counselor could be taken in choosing the right career test. The 'National Career Development Association' (NCDA) helps in choosing the right counselor and tests. The organization also helps in interpreting the results of the tests, thereby enabling a person to choose a career path that is suitable for him.
The different career tests used to assess a person's aptitude could differ on the basis of the different parameters they apply. A person can make use of the following parameters while choosing a right career test.
Measured Attributes: The attributes of the personality being measured could differ with different tests. Some tests measure the skill sets possessed by an individual while others focus on the interests.
Methodology: The methodology used by different career tests could be different. Some tests assess the quantitative attributes of a person while others rely on testing the qualitative ones. The quantitative tests focus on a person's potential and job satisfaction.
The qualitative tests help a person understand his preferences and goals. This helps in making an informed career decision in the process of career planning.
The information helps in choosing a career test that would assess the personality attributes with accuracy. Thus, one should be careful and choose an assessment test only if it fulfills the above mentioned conditions.