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Choosing a Career Path

Deepa Kartha
It is important to contemplate over your career path, because only genuine interest in a particular field and dedication can bring success in one's professional life.
High school students are always confronted by questions about their career choices, by family, friends and relatives. While some have prompt replies for these queries, there are many who still do not have any clue about what they are going to do in the future.
Besides, there would be cousins and relatives bombarding them with suggestions about career options that they should choose. Sometimes, due to too much pressure from parents or due to confusion, students take up a career which ensures excellent monetary prospects without realizing whether they have interest in them.
Such decisions would most likely lead to dissatisfaction at work, where the person may not be able to enjoy the job at all. To avoid such situations, it is extremely important to think and research well about different career options that one finds interesting.

Career Path Planning

The basic criteria to choose a career is your skills. If you have good writing skills, a career in creative writing would be good for you, or if you do well in science and mathematics, engineering will be a great career option. As you have good skills in these areas, surely you would be interested in careers that will help you explore your skills and talent.
The first step towards choosing career paths is planning. This is where you go through a variety of options that you have. Here, you can also take the help of a career counselor who would help you in filtering out career options that would suit you. An aptitude or personality test would also help to determine the career that would match your skills the best.
If you have a particular career in mind, an internship or part-time job in that field will decide whether you would like to work in such a situation. Many times such jobs have made people realize that it was not a job meant for them. However, there are many others who have taken it as a great experience which helped them in their future education and career.

List of Career Options

Human Resources (HR):

The HR career is much sought after by many graduates. A HR manager recruits employees, develop and maintain company policies, evaluate employees' performance, act as a link between the employees and the company, etc.
The educational qualifications required to become a HR professional is a Master's degree in human resources. However, more than the degree, the most important skill required to become an HR executive/manager is good communication skills.


This field is considered to be a very prestigious career option. People interested in biology and mathematics can choose a career in medicine. Medicine is a vast arena, where one can work as a physician, nurse, etc.
Medicine is a field where one gets job security as doctors and nurses would always be in demand. However, it is a job that involves lots of responsibilities and requires people to have the ability of making quick and important decisions.


In recent years, marketing has becomes a much sought after career. To choose a career in marketing, one should have excellent communication skills as it is the responsibility of the marketing professional to promote the products and service. Marketing as a career promises great growth and development if a person is ready to work hard.
Other career opportunities include engineering, fashion designing, web designing, journalism, teaching, etc. Other than these, there are many who convert their hobbies and interests into a career.
For instance, if you love to design clothes for yourself and your friends, then a career in fashion designing would be good for you, or else you find arranging dinner or birthday parties at home as fun, then as a career in event planning would be the best for you.
Choosing a career is definitely an important task which would determine your entire future. Every job requires hard work for a person to become successful, moreover if the job is one that excites you, then you will surely emerge as a winner.