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Cashier Job Description

Mayuri Kulkarni
The main responsibility of a cashier is to collect money from the customer in exchange of goods. This story will enlighten you about the job description of a cashier.
A cashier is someone who receives money from the customer in the form of cash or electronic money for the goods purchased. Cashiers are employed in almost all stores and financial institutions, where purchase of goods is involved.
Whether it's a movie hall, a retail store, a supermarket, or a bank, they are necessary for smooth transaction of money between the customer and supplier. The duties and responsibilities of a cashier is not just limited to collecting the money, they may vary depending upon the employment sector.

Job Description of a Cashier

  • As mentioned earlier, duties of a cashier vary, depending upon the type of employer. 
For example, a cashier working at a departmental store has to scan the price of all the goods purchased by the customer and generate a receipt of the total bill, while a cashier working for a restaurant may have to take orders on the phone and must also be aware of the prices of different food items on the menu.
  • He has to provide good service to all customers by maintaining a friendly environment.
  • He has to have good knowledge of all the products available in the store.
  • He must maintain accurate records of the sale of goods and services, without any errors.
  • He needs to be a medium of communication between the customer and the management.
  • He has to receive the amount of purchase in form of cash, check, credit cards, vouchers, or automatic debits.
  • At the end of the day, he has to calculate the total payment.
  • He also needs to resolve the complaints of the customer, if any.
  • He has to sort, count, and wrap currencies and coins.
  • He must make sure that enough cash is available at the counter for paying the balance to the customer.


  • Though there are no specific educational requirements for becoming a cashier, high school education with good knowledge of basic mathematics is expected.
  • Most cashiers are trained by their employers on the job, and they learn the techniques to operate the electronic equipment used for recording the money transaction.
  • Other basic requirements to become a cashier include the ability to perform repetitive work with accuracy, maintain a cheerful attitude towards the customer, and the ability to handle unfriendly customers.

Average Salary of a Cashier

  • The salary completely depends on the type of business.
  • The salary earned by a cashier employed in a restaurant can be different from the one working for a departmental store. Most of them are hired on an hourly basis, and the average starting salary of a cashier can be anywhere between USD 8 to USD 10.
  • Cashiers working in departmental stores are provided benefits like discounts on the goods, while those employed in restaurants can be offered free meals during the work hours.
  • Cashiers working for large companies also get paid vacations, leave, insurance, etc.
  • The informaion here gives approximate figures on median hourly based salary of cashiers.

Work Experience (in years) - Cashier Salary (in USD )

  • Less than 1 year - 8 to 9

  • 1 to 4 - 9 to 11

  • 5 to 9 - 10 to 12.5

  • 10 to 19 - 11 to 14

  • 20 years or more - 1 to 1

Type of Industry - Cashier Salary (in USD )

  • Grocery - 7.4 to 9

  • Retail grocery - 7.5 to 9.75

  • Restaurants (Fast food) - 7 to 7.8

  • Restaurants - 7.1 to 8.5

  • Food service - 7.4 to 8.8

  • Convenience store - 7.3 to 8.9
This was a brief information on cashier job description. Being a cashier can be a good part-time job, for students who want to earn some money during their vacations or spare time. So, if you were thinking of doing a job this summer, you can become a cashier and earn good money. Good Luck!