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Carpenter Salary

Charlie S

Cutting, shaping, and installation of wood and other building materials are the main responsibilities of carpenters. Read on to know about their salary range, job, and training requirements.
The main aspect of the carpenter's job involves shaping wood using his skill to construct wooden artifacts and several other structures.
Carpenters are specialists in making different types of things out of wood, and can get jobs in various sectors and establishments. The working conditions are tough, and only hardworking, dedicated, and skilled ones succeed in this profession.

Salary Details

Their salary depends on many factors such as skills, educational qualification, years of experience, the place of work, and the organizations for whom they have worked. As per various salary surveys, their median salary is believed to be around USD 44,500 per year; often, it is paid on hourly basis.
The carpenters with less than two years of experience can expect to earn about an average of USD 17 per hour. With an experience of around five years, they can earn on an average USD 20 per hour. The salary can easily be in excess of USD 34 per hour for those with more than fifteen years of experience.
Those working for large organizations in urban areas are bound to earn more than the ones working for small organizations in rural areas. Experienced professionals  can expect a decent salary while working in places such as New York, California, Florida, and Los Angeles.

Job Description

The carpenters use tools to make wood furniture, which is essential for residential as well as commercial spaces. They use bolts, nails, and screws to fasten the wood to do their task properly.
They also carry out tasks such as installing kitchen cabinets, making doors and windows, wooden chairs and tables, making wooden shelves, wooden cupboards, etc.
They cut wood in different shapes and sizes as per the need by taking proper measurements using the scale. They play an important role in enhancing the interiors of the office spaces and commercial establishments. They can also repair wooden items.
Most professionals work on site by traveling to the location, where they will do the work. Some of them are self-employed and work for their clients, while others work as full-time employees for a firm or an organization. There are companies that offer part-time jobs to these professionals, wherein they are summoned when the need for their services arises.

Education and Training Requirements

The carpenters need to sharpen their skills to get good job opportunities. They can enhance their skills by joining a training institute, where they can learn the basics. There are many institutes, which offer three to four-year courses in carpentry. Studying subjects such as mathematics, science, and graphics in high school can be beneficial for aspirants.
Apart from the training received in these programs, these professionals learn all the tricks of the trade, only if they work on live projects. Sufficient on-the-job training is a necessity to attain success in this area of work.