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Careers That Make a Difference

Rahul Pandita
We all aspire to be successful in life and choose our career-paths according to our aspirations. However, there are some careers that require selfless service and putting the welfare of others before self. Let us take a look at some of these careers that make a difference.
We all aim to do something in life. As they say that 'life without an aim is like a rudderless ship', we all plan to accomplish something in our lives. People decide early in their lives as what they want to be or how they want to be remembered. Individuals may be driven by money, power, fame etc.
However, there are quite a few of us who earnestly want to do something not just for themselves, but for the society, and for the nation. Thankfully, today there are a lot of careers that allow an individual to work for the welfare of others. Let us focus on such careers that make a difference.

Careers That Make a Difference in the World


We have put teaching at the top of the list as we believe that teachers play the most important role in shaping the careers of young men. Plato would have not been the legendary philosopher he was, if he had not got the able support from Socrates.
Teachers are the guiding force for students and are known for their hard work and dedication. A career as a teacher is challenging but most of the teachers are motivated to put in their best effort as they are the custodians of young minds, which when nurtured can bring laurels to a country and help in creating new innovations.


When we are away watching the latest flick or head-banging in a rock concert, there is a group of people working closely in laboratories, looking out for that elusive drug which will cure untreatable diseases, or a technology that will make air travel much easier.
Although scientists are highly paid, it is the motivation to achieve something that benefits the mankind and makes them to devote their lives in their profession.


Activists are people who put in an effort to make the world a better place to live. Activists do not fight for personal issues, instead they are concerned about the quality of life of all of us. 
So, if someone is campaigning against global warming in Denmark, he is essentially trying to make life better for his fellow human beings in Kenya or Australia. Activists take up a host of issues such as environmental degradation, gay-rights, child education, poverty, drug-abuse etc. This truly is a career that calls for a lot of sacrifice and devotion.


Counselors are professionals who help people to live a better life by motivating them and developing their skills. Counselors also help distressed people to get a control over their lives.
A lot of individuals lose the desire to live due to grief, depression or any other personal reason, and to help the person to come out of that shell and live a fulfilling life is truly a remarkable job. Counseling is a vast field and it has various allied fields.
For example, a career counselor helps students to decide which career option would be best for their kind of skills. A family counselor may help couples to come out of a stalemate and help them in discovering the positive side of each other.
Substance-abuse counselors help people to get over drugs and play an active role in their rehabilitation. Apart from job satisfaction, a career as a counselor also offers financial stability, so individuals interested in this career can rest assured that there are a lot of opportunities.


Helping people to recover from illness, being responsible for them, taking care of their medicines and food, enabling them to maintain a positive attitude; these are just some of the duties that a nurse carries out on a day-to-day basis. 
Nurses are categorized as Registered nurses, Head-nurses and Practitioners. Registered nurses assist a doctor by administering injections, monitoring the recovery of patients, and taking down the observations of doctor.
Head nurses are a part of the administration. Apart from specializing in patient-care, they are responsible for assigning duties to nurses and arranging schedule. Nurse practitioners on the other hand diagnose illness and write prescriptions. Nursing is an ideal career for those who want to join healthcare industry to make a difference to somebody's life.


Mediators are professionals who are responsible for ensuring that there is some sort of compromise between warring parties.
There are times when no party is able to budge from its stand due to feelings of ego or superiority. Here, a mediator has to ensure that he works with both groups, listens to their grievances, and come up with a solution that is acceptable to both the parties. A career as a mediator is financially rewarding as well and offers numerous growth opportunities.
If you have it in you to do something for the benefit of people around you, you should shed skepticism and actively pursue these careers. You have to keep in mind that these careers come with a host of challenges, so it is important that you prepare yourself for it.
We hope that this information proves useful to you and helps you in knowing about some careers that can make a difference. Wishing you the best of luck.