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Careers Options for Journalism Students in Oregon

Carol Evenson
Journalism is a dynamic and exciting field that offers a lot of possibilities for just about anyone. If you find the right position for you, you may get to write stories or report on the topics you are most passionate about almost daily. There are a handful of media platforms to choose from once you get started on your career.


Even in the age of the internet, many newspapers are still going strong. Within the newspaper world, there are multiple positions for journalists: news writer, photojournalist, reporter, editorialist or column writer. You may even rise to the level of editor one day. There are various specializations like politics, sports, fashion or education.

Court Reporter

This is essentially a specialized transcriber position within the courtroom. To be a portland oregon court reporter, for example, you will need to learn shorthand and go through several additional certification processes. However, this can be a very exciting and fast-paced job that puts you right in the middle of the action, similar to news reporting.


A lot goes into putting together a broadcast, so there are positions both on and off screen. You can be a news writer or producer behind the camera or a news anchor in front of the camera. For most of these positions it is important that you are comfortable in front of an audience and have a good talk or video presence, in addition to journalistic skills.


Sports journalists write and report about professional and amateur sports. Although it's s a specialization of news reporting, it's become a large enough field to get its own explanation. In fact, many publications center exclusively on sports, due to their extreme popularity. And who knows, you could even try to score some free tickets with this career.

Career Options

Feel free to explore multiple types of positions or platforms before you settle on a final career path. Why limit yourself if you aren't sure? It could also bolster your resume if you gain experience holding lots of different positions. What's most important is that you are doing what you love.