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Careers in Human Resources

Stephen Rampur
A career in the human resource field is one of the most lucrative options available for people who have a flair for communication. If you think that you have it in you to be successful in this field, then go through the following story for some tips.
There are several different positions available in the Human Resource Management (HRM) field. Each position requires different skills and educational qualifications. HRM is an important section in the business sector, and is responsible for managing and overseeing employees, and their working and efficacy.
It is also known as the heart of a company. Its presence is mandatory, and there is no company or organization who does not have an HR or the human resource management department.
There are various duties and responsibilities that the executives working in human resources have to follow. Their responsibilities mostly depend on the role they play in the department. They have to regularly be in contact with employees as well as the management for efficient functioning of all processes.
Given here are some positions, which will give you a clear idea of what the human resource department is all about.

Major Positions in the HR Department


Recruiters play a very significant role in hiring candidates who are capable of proving profitable for a company. They are the first point of contact for employees who want to join a particular company.
The responsibilities of an HR recruiter include keeping a record of current and prospective employees' information in the database, calling candidates and convincing them to join a company, getting information from project managers of different processes regarding any openings in the company processes, etc.
Generally, there are two types of recruiters; one who is employed in proper companies, and others who work in private recruitment agencies. The former are responsible for hiring an efficient workforce for their employer, whereas the latter hire candidates for clients of their employer.
HR recruiters also receive remuneration depending on how many skilled candidates they have hired.

Resource Managers

These managers are responsible for receiving information from project heads regarding how many and which positions are empty in company projects. They perform a kind of in-house recruiting.
They keep a record of all company employees in their database, and recommend eligible candidates for projects.
They are responsible for coordinating work between clients and skillful candidates. They arrange meetings and interviews between clients and candidates for finalization of the candidate working on the client's project.
For recommending talented and skillful employees from their company, they have to keep a skills list of all employees and determine suitable employees required by the client.

Administrative HRs

Executives working as administrative HRs are primarily responsible for taking proper care of in-house employees in a company. They are the first ones to be informed in case of any problems regarding work.
Their obligations include helping new joinees in familiarizing with the company work procedures and environment, conducting induction sessions for new joinees, and carrying out general corporate training and development sessions for all lower, mid, and high-level executives in the company.
They have to make employees feel comfortable in functioning in a work setting. They try to solve work-related problems, which generally include conflicts between the boss and subordinates.

HR Managers

They are the most important people in the HR department, as they are responsible for overseeing the whole department. They ensure efficient functioning of the practice which includes recruiters, resource managers, administrative human resource executives, etc.
They are in direct contact with the top-management for smooth functioning of all processes and formulating corporate policies.
If administrative HRs are unable to solve serious matters which may rise in top-level executives, HR managers may get involved in such cases and try to achieve an acceptable resolution.
The pay scale in human resource jobs largely depends on factors such as educational qualifications, level of expertise and years of experience in the same field. All positions compulsorily require strong verbal and written communication skills.
Their annual salary may range anywhere between $50,000 to $60,000. However, professionals with higher posts may get even more.
Careers in human resources are not only limited to the above mentioned positions. As every organization requires the human resource department, there are various careers options available in the HR field.