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Careers in Fashion Designing

Deepa Kartha
Fashion designing has become a much sought after career recently. People with a flair for style and new trends are fit to get into fashion as a serious career opportunity. But fashion designing is not restricted to creating new clothes. It offers a variety of careers. Read on to know more...
Gone are the days when people bought clothes just to cover their bodies. Nowadays, people wear clothes to flaunt their attitude and personality. Be it guys or girls, everyone is concerned about the latest trends in their attire. But have you ever wondered how much effort goes into creating a single garment?
Everyone believes that clothes are created by fashion designers, but the reality is that every garment is the result of efforts put in by lots of other people. This opens the door to various career opportunities that one can opt for in the world of fashion.
Careers in fashion can mainly be forged in three fields: the creative field, the technical field, and the business field. It is the combined effort of all the three where the success of a designer of firm lies. It is important to have formal training.
Most courses train the students in all three aspects, through which they can choose the area they want to pursue as their career. Every fashion house needs people who specialize in certain areas, to achieve success.


Every piece of clothing is made with a particular group of people in mind. These groups can be drawn according to gender, age, social status, etc., and any combination thereof.
It is the job of the researcher to find out more about the targeted niche. This research is important for the project to proceed, as only after knowing the requirements of the public can a designer create new collections.

Trend Forecaster

Fashion is an ever-changing entity. For any fashion house to survive, it is necessary to discover new and innovative trends. This job is done by the forecaster.
Research is needed in this field as well, but, more than that, the trend forecaster needs to be creative and imaginative, and should be able to come up with new themes, designs, patterns, etc. on his own.


The fashion designer is the person everyone admires, the face everyone sees, and the name everyone hears. This is the person who is actually responsible for the creation of a garment.
The designer gathers all the information given by the researcher and forecaster, and designs garments according to it. He/she decides on the fabric, texture, colors, etc., of the garment, and oversees the production till the outfit is complete.


This post requires good business skills and financial insight. They calculate the budget. They deal with suppliers as well as customers, and have help in marketing the product. Merchandisers may also work as store managers.


Any garment, however good, cannot be sold without effective marketing. The role of a marketer is to attract the consumers to the clothes manufactured by their company. This is done by writing reviews about a particular collection or publishing photographs in fashion magazines.
He/she also organizes exhibitions and fashion shows to advertise the collection of the company to fashion buyers from different parts of the world.

Costume Designers

Costume designers design and create clothes for the entertainment industry, i.e. for television, films, drama, etc. While designing an attire for a character, they have to keep in mind the role, the period in which the story is set in, etc.
Fashion design is a vast field filled with lucrative careers. All you have to do is pick the one that suits, interests, and excites you.