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Career Paths for Computer Science Majors

Lewis Robinson
Shared here are some of the multiple career paths, which definitely are going to work for the students of computer science branch or similar other majors to consider.
If you are a computer science graduate and not sure which career path to take, then you should know that you have several career paths open for you. The best thing is all of them have a promising future if you keep learning and updating your knowledge in technology.
Technology is a very important part of life and people who develop technologies are mostly computer science graduates. You can play a vital role in business development and help in improving the living standard of the society. Some career paths you can take as a computer science major are discussed here.

Software Engineer

This is the most common career path that most computer science majors take. It is a highly in-demand career choice to be taken. Software is needed by top companies to work as theses software makes life easier and simpler.
If you are thinking of how to become a software engineer, you must have learned the basics in your computer science degree. You can join firms to gain experience as a software developer. You need to know many coding languages to be a software engineer.

Network Architect

You can become a network architect, which is a very common profession for a computer science major. Your job includes to do the planning and design the network which will connect all devices and also provides security to the system in an organization.
You will be responsible for troubleshooting in case there is any problem with the server. You need to have experience of working on different types of OS such as Windows, Linux, UNIX, IOS and others. It is a comparatively easier career path which has a very high demand as all the organization needs an internal network.

Web Developer

Website development is a famous career path for computer science graduates. If you are good with coding, this is the perfect career for you. Every business needs a website and they would hire a developer for this. You can join an IT firm or work freelance. You can open your IT firm to become an entrepreneur.

Database Administrator

Data is a very important necessity and one of the most valuable assets of a company. Almost all big companies need a database to run their business smoothly. This job is done by a database administrator.
A database administrator is responsible for designing a database and its proper working so people can access it efficiently. Demand for a database administrator is high and are paid well for their services. You would need to have idea of various databases used in an organization.

Mobile Apps Developer

Now, most internet users use the internet on mobile which has made mobile apps really important. There are different apps available for the users. Almost all the successful businesses need to have an app along with a website if they target to reach out to more number of consumers.
You can be a mobile application developer of Android and IOS if you have knowledge of various programming languages. A mobile application developer can work as a freelancer and open his own IT firm later. There are always highly paid jobs for mobile app developers.