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Career Paths for Business Majors

Ideas and Advice for Business Students. Any student studying and wondering what to emphasize in during their schooling.
Lewis Robinson

What to Do With a Business Degree

If you are a fresh graduate from any university or still studying, and you are wondering what to do with your business degree then there is no reason for you to worry because there are a lot of good options that are available to you.

Getting a Job

There are lots of jobs available in various sectors for people that have graduated from the business discipline. You can work as a human resource manager where your job is to make sure that the employees of a company are happy. You can develop plans that make sure that the employees are satisfied. It will also be your job to recruit new fresh talent.
You canĀ get a job with a business degree or set up various sources of income using the knowledge that you gained.
Another job that you can do as a business graduate is managing the accounts of a company. It is important for any company to keep track of their accounts and as a business graduate, you can provide them with that service. You can join a bank where there is a need for accountants the most.
You can join the marketing department of a business and represent the business to the world. You would be responsible for making new marketing campaigns and making a brand image of the products and the company.
You can work as a supply chain manager and take care of the inventory and the logistics of the company. Supply chain managers are highly valuable to any company and the demand for a supply chain manager is constantly rising.

Starting Your Own Business

As a business graduate, you can start your own business. It is better to gain some experience by doing a job for some years first as it reduces the risk. You can open a marketing agency, open a digital marketing agency, insurance broker other business if you have a small capital. These types of businesses are service-based and do not require much investment.
If you have a good amount of money to invest you can create an LLC, start your own E-commerce store, start e retail industry, start your own financial services and many other various types of business. It can be risky to start your own business but can also be very rewarding at the end to enjoy the success.

Creating Your Own Consulting Firm

Many people after retiring from a job start their own consulting firm and use their expertise to help people in need of them. You can do it as a fresh graduate too but is better to gain some experience after doing a job for some years. Consultancy is highly valued by entrepreneurs who want their startup to be perfect.
You can also especially give consulting on a particular field of business like human resources or marketing. It might take some time to get the clients at first but with some good service, you can run a successful consultancy firm soon.

Become a Lecturer

You can become a lecturer in the university and teach students to be a successful businessman. Teaching is also a very popular choice for business graduates and there are many popular business schools for you to send your resume.

Unique Jobs as an Accountant

You can be an environmental accountant who can give more importance to practice business without harming the environment. You can work as an IT accountant by helping them with the knowledge of finance and show them how to apply the knowledge in the technology that they are building.
You can also help in developing various types of software as an accountant. Many software are built to make an accountant's life easier. As an accountant, you can give precise direction to what needs to be implemented.
You can join the FBI if you don't like a conventional job. You can detect anomalies in the finances of a shady company. Another interesting job as an accountant is a sporting accountant. The sporting industry is very huge and large amount of transactions are made every day. They need accountants to keep track of those transactions.