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Career Opportunities in Business Administration

Suganya Sukumar
Globalization has changed the outlook of business and increased its scope all over the world. Business administration provides best career opportunities to MBA graduates. Let's have a look at them.
Business administration is one of the most-practiced management studies. Jobs related to business management are exciting if you possess the necessary skills and expertise and the pay package is also very attractive. The career opportunities are wide in both private and public sectors.
Some of the management fields that are incorporated in business management are:
  • Financial Management
  • Strategic management
  • Marketing Management
  • Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
  • Operations Management
These are the important subjects that come under the study of business management. It is quite obvious that the scope and opportunities in this field are huge. But before you think about picking up a career in this field, it is highly important to attain some basic and fundamental skills, to build a strong foundation for a successful career.
"Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying the basic fundamentals" ~ Jim Rohn.
Some of the key skills are listed here:
✔ High aptitude skills
✔ Decision making
✔ Good verbal and non-verbal communication skills
✔ Presentation skills
✔ Efficient leadership skills
✔ Time management
✔ Numerical computation
✔ Conceptual skills and lucid explanatory skills
✔ Knowledge about spreadsheet, statistics, logistics and computer skills

Career Opportunities

With growing opportunities many graduates are pursuing higher studies in business management. But, what is important is that, how successful you grow in a particular career and for how long you are able to stand successful in the business market. Now let's take a look at the career opportunities in business administration.

Business Manager

Business manager job is a prime job concerning business management.
The job involves almost everything that is pertaining to develop the business of a company. The work includes planning, organizing, supervising, decision-making, scheduling and combination of all management skills that is required to increase the profitability of an organization.

Business Analyst

Business analyst job is a lucrative and interesting job. It not only involves basic management skills but also has a wide integration with information technology. Business analyst analyzes the business models and helps to develop the project plans of a company.

Market Research Analyst

The market research analyst provides the data of the consumer needs, demands, choices of the customers, consumer demographics, etc., before a company launches its product.
Knowledge about statistics is very much necessary for this job. The job also involves identifying the competitors and providing information for the betterment of the company's product.

Purchasing Manager

Purchasing manager is also called "procurement manager". The goods and services required for a company are estimated and managed by purchasing manager of the company. 
The job responsibility is to buy and approve the necessary products for the company by analyzing the technical specifications of the products. The purchasing manager also oversees the general supplies required for the company such as equipment and contracts.

Regional Sales Manager

The job is to oversee the products and services and manage the delivery of the goods and services to the customers in a defined geographical area. 
The regional sales manager sets the target of the sales representatives of the company and develops the plans to meet the required target. It requires presentation skills also. The work includes giving demonstration on goods and services of the company to various other client companies in his region.

Human Resources (HR) Manager

This job involves managing the needs and improving the values of the employees of an organization, in order to bring profit to a company. It also involves hiring efficient employees and organizing other human resource programs.
The HR manager analyzes the skills of the employees and provides the required resources to improve the knowledge of the employee by implementing training process, with an objective to utilize the employee's knowledge and applications for the benefit of the company.

Business Development Manager

This job requires analysis of economic conditions and industrial trends and competition. It also includes setting up the sales target and attracting new customers. The business development department of a company is managed and supervised by business development manager.

Account Executive

Account executive is responsible for managing the accounts related issues of a corporate company or an individual. The opportunities are present in both the IT sector as well as the advertisement industry.
The role of an account executive in IT companies is to execute large contracts and Profit & Loss (P&L) control. In advertising industries, the responsibility of an account executive is client servicing and client acquisition.

Quality Control Auditor

The quality control auditor ensures all the quality related specifications, documentation and examination of a product and services of an organization. He also tracks audit reports and monitors all the quality standards of the manufactured products.

Information Systems Manager

This job requires technical knowledge combined with administrative skills. The information systems manager ensures proper functioning of the systems and incorporates Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the company.
Some of the standard activities of an information systems manager includes implementing ICT budget, security backup of software and hardware in the computers, tracking and monitoring the latest technologies available in the market, etc.

Other Career Opportunities

  • Management analyst
  • Project manager
  • Production manager
  • Benefits manager
  • Commodity-Industry analyst
  • Bank manager
  • Government services administrator
  • Credit and collections manager
  • Labor relations manager
  • Financial analyst
  • Insurance agent
  • Training manager
  • Credit analyst
For achieving the desired career of your choice, it is very important to do internship in good organizations during your MBA course. To be successful, you need to be a good manager and above that, an efficient worker.