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Career Objectives for a Social Worker

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
The job of a social worker is one of the most noble careers that we have. The scope and area of their work are very diverse. They may also work in various establishments such as schools, hospitals, foster homes, jails, shelters, etc. Accordingly, their work profile also varies.
While one may choose this career for various reasons, the ultimate motive remains the same for all social workers and that is service to mankind. This career is often very vague, thus freshers have no idea regarding how to enter this profession. A strong career objective may help you get into this field.

Career Objectives in Social Work

The job of a social worker involves understanding the grievances and problems of the clients, researching resources, collaborating with them and finally resolving the problem of clients. Social workers dealing in child abuse, rape cases, etc. need to be very compassionate about their client's emotional needs. They must strive towards getting the life of their client back on track.
Similarly, those working in hospitals must impart proper support and guidance to the family of ailing. The patient himself may need a lot of motivation and encouragement to keep going through the treatment.
Social workers working in community settings must be able to resolve family disputes, generate resources for employment and arrange for the education of children coming from backward families. This kind of work requires a lot of research and collaboration at various levels.

How to Write Career Objectives for a Social Worker

You career objective speaks a lot about your skills and areas of interest. While it is always best to keep it short, make sure it clearly conveys the kind of job that you intend to seek and your individual qualifications.


If you are clear about where you intend to work as a social worker, then you can include the same in your career objective. However, if the position that you are applying requires an altogether different set of qualifications, then refrain from mentioning your preferred establishment.
For instance, if you intend to work as a school counselor, but are applying for a job in jail inmate counseling, then there is no point in expressing your desire to work in a different establishment.

Job Position

If you are responding to an advertisement that does not clearly mention the job position, then you might as well go ahead and express your interest in working for a particular position. You may choose a supervisory position, a mentor or head a department as per your experience and other qualifications.

Personal Skills

Social workers ought to have impeccable inter personal skills as they have to deal with people from all strata of society. They may acquire some other skills during their experience as a social worker. It is important to highlight your personal skills in a career objective.
For instance, you may mention your leadership and motivational abilities or you may even mention how your strong networking skills can make a difference to the organization where you intend to work. Mention your previous experience in the relevant field, if any.

Long Term Career Goals

While you may not know where your career is headed for, if you are a fresher, you should have a rough idea regarding what you plan to do with your career.
It is perfectly acceptable to mention your personal goals such as desire to head the department or practice privately, in your career objective. Do not forget to mention the kind of relation you wish to establish with the concerned organization. However, be honest while writing your career goals in social working.
As a social worker, you will have numerous avenues open for you. Before making a career choice, make sure you have the interest and dedication required to work as a social worker. Remember, this career is physically as well as emotionally demanding, hence make a wise decision.