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Career Objective Examples You'd Want to See

Aparna Iyer
Establishing a career objective is indispensable from the perspective of clinching a suitable job. The following samples may act as guideposts to a person, who is interested in drafting an objective that conveys clarity of thought and expression.
Establishing a clear career objective is very important from the perspective of creating a favorable resume, since further communication between the job seeker and the prospective employer is contingent on the impression created by the resume.
Setting a career objective provides clarity of thought to an aspirant and also helps the employer assess, whether the goals of the candidate are in alignment with the goals of the organization.
A career objective stated in no uncertain terms, has manifold ramifications. It helps the employer gauge, whether the candidate is a suitable fit for the job.
The prospective employer can harness the potential of the employee and channel it in ways that can benefit the company. The employer may also be willing to consider the job seeker for an unadvertised position, for which he or she is a better fit.

The Importance

The candidate, by drafting a career objective, not only benefits in terms of a number of prospects and career opportunities, but also gets an opportunity to contemplate on the feasibility of the stated objective. Many a time, plans that seem a distant dream, assume proper shape and form once they are penned down.
At times, the advisability of pursuing an objective may seem doubtful after seeing a detailed outline of the plan in black and white. Are the goals feasible? Where does one see oneself after accomplishing the goals? Does one hope to be satisfied on attaining the targets?
These questions, and many more can be answered in the affirmative or in the negative after charting the desired career objectives.


The career objective examples may be of use to people, who are interested in drafting resume objectives that highlight their skills and qualifications. A good career objective has the effect of conveying the fact that an individual may be an indispensable asset to an organization.
People, who have worked in a certain area, and are desirous of pursuing a job in the same field, should highlight the skills that they acquired in their previous job.

Merchandise Manager

Managerial position in a retail store that requires experience in supervising the purchase and the marketing of merchandise.

Department Manager

Managerial position requiring scheduling of employees, supervising performance, and managing the overall profitability of the departments.

I.T. Sector

Seeking an entry-level post as a software developer, where one may challenge his potential and gain rich experiential dividends.
In the true quest for knowledge, He is keen to work as a part of the team to develop thorough software solutions.

Human Resource Management

One may seek a challenging career opportunity that commands responsibility to handle procedures that need recruitments and promote healthy relations among employees of the firm.

B.P.O Sector

One may wish to obtain the position of a customer service representative, where he is allowed to expend his skills and direct his abilities to double customer satisfaction, and work toward raising the company's achievement bar.

Project Manager

One may seek the position of a project manager, where he can handle situations and challenges with the breadth of his experience and demonstrate his leadership qualities to solve problems, judicially plan the budget, and thereby meet the desired targets.
People desiring a career change should ensure that they receive due credit for their prior work experience. A person, who has worked as an Industrial Relations Manager and is interested in pursuing a career as a Business Psychologist may draft the following resume objective.

Business Psychologist

Position demanding the application of psychology to staff recruitment and retention, wherein prior experience as an Industrial Relations Manager would be an asset.
Freshers should impress upon the prospective employer, the skills that the newly appointed recruit would be bringing to the table. A person who has just graduated and is interested in pursuing a career in accounting may present his/her skills in the following manner.

Accounts Trainee

Seeking a Trainee Accounts Executive position requiring freshers with considerable numerical ability and data interpretation skills.
There are times when a summary may very well be a substitute for an objective. This, usually is the case, when a person hands over the resume at a career fair. In such cases, one can do away with a cover letter and an objective, and replace the latter with a summary.
People, who would like to be considered for multiple job openings within the same company can avoid stating a career objective. For others, the above-mentioned career objective examples may provide pointers regarding stating precise objectives that may serve as guideposts for career development.