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Career Information in Psychology

Stephen Rampur
Psychologists are in great demand these days as the number of people suffering from ailments like stress and anxiety is on the rise due to hectic lifestyles. A career in psychology can open the doors for many to make a difference to people's lives and also be able to increase your own prospects.
Due to hectic lifestyles many people are prone to mental and psychological problems, due to which they need to consult a psychologist. The mental health problems may be caused due to many factors such as personal problems, work stress, or any other disturbances which they have not been able to curb by themselves or not open up to other people to seek advice.
A person who wants to become a psychologist has to be well-versed in basic counseling. He should be able to understand an individual's problem, analyze it, and then provide a beneficial solution.
Admission to a graduate psychology degree is not easy, as the competition is very tough. Further, a psychology major graduate is eligible to work as a clinical psychologist, only if he has a doctoral degree like a Ph.D. or a Psy.D. degree.
The employment rate of psychologists is on the rise, as compared to other professions. The job prospect depends on the individual's qualification and the specialization such as counseling, health or clinical psychology.
Human psychology is a detailed study of the mind and the behavior of a person. There are many options for a career in this field such as research and health care. Other areas where psychologists can work include management, law, sports and education.
Some psychologists are employed with government, business and corporate organizations, where they provide training, conduct research, design organizational systems and counseling sessions. They collect information, test and research and come to a conclusion. Research methods used by psychologists may be differentiated on the basis of the topics they study.

Top Careers in Psychology

Counseling Psychologists

These psychologists are responsible for understanding the mental and emotional side of the patient. They help the patient deal with everyday problems like work pressure and other personal issues. They normally work in hospitals and rehabilitation centers and are experts in guiding people, as they deal with many similar cases.

Clinical Psychologists

They play a vital role in the field of psychology, and are mostly employed in counseling centers, hospitals or clinics. They assist patients who are mentally or emotionally unwell to cope with depressing situations. Some may even work on physical injuries and diseases like arthritis and spinal cord related problems.

Organizational Psychologists

Also known as industrial psychologists, they work in various organizations and firms. They apply their methods to solve workplace issues, which are common in the corporate sector.
They try to bring work-life balance amongst the employees and also conduct a thorough research on all management and marketing problems, and are in continuous contact with the management to meliorate the work and productivity. They are generally hired as consultants by organizations, and are well-paid for their services.

Research Psychologists

Research psychologists may receive data from various sources like results from controlled laboratory experiments, studying personality, performance, intelligence and aptitude of certain group of people, or by conducting interviews, surveys and questionnaires. They are responsible for investigating physical, mental or social aspects of a patient's behavior.

Health Care Psychologists

The most important task of these professionals is to help maintain mental health of individuals working in hospitals or studying in schools and colleges. They study how biological and social factors affect a person's health and also counsel people in preventing diseases and encourage healthy living.
If you are planning on a career in psychology, you need to be well-prepared for the entrance tests and exams that are required in the admission process. It certainly seems to be one of the best career options available, that gives you the satisfaction of helping people, along with a stable income.