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Career Advice for People with ISFP Personality Type

Buzzle Staff
ISFPs are one of the more common personality types under which a reasonable number of the population can be classified. This Story comes up with some career advice for people with ISFP personality type.
Did You Know?
Even though they come under the introverted type, ISFPs enjoy entertaining people amidst very private groups and are also avid nature explorers.
ISFPs are one of the 16 personality types according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). This personality type is known to be loving, caring, and sentimental, as well as flexible and logical. Choosing a career is quite a challenge for this type as it is difficult to find the perfect working environment.
They are not very ambitious; they rather prefer working and adjusting with whatever has been offered to them. That said, there are a few things they are unable to decide; such weaknesses may come in between their choice of a good career. The paragraphs below enlist some career choices for the ISFP personality type.
An Overview
  • ISFP stands for Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving.
  • ISFPs are introverts, very kind and loving, and they have an amazing sense of perception.
  • They are amongst the most sensitive human beings, and possess a special connection with children and animals.
  • The 'sensing' here portrays their reaction to different senses - they have a strong connection with the way they sense things, by listening, seeing, smelling, tasting, etc.
  • They are very loyal and caring, and look for long-term relationships.
  • It is difficult to get to know them properly, for they are reserved. They express love via actions, not words. As friends and lovers, they are loyal, supportive, and sensitive.
  • They are highly creative and believe in the manifestation of beauty, which is why aesthetics is so very important for them.
  • They do not react very well to conflicts; in fact, they keep conflicts to a bare minimum. Also, as regards to finding out the most optimum solution to a problem, they prefer analyzing the most clear solution, and traveling along the same path.

ISFP Personality Traits

  • Very optimistic
  • Highly aesthetic and creative
  • Good short-term planning
  • Extremely warm and loving
  • Brilliant with children
  • Very affectionate
  • Value privacy of others
  • Avoid conflicts
  • Dislike monotony
  • Prefer a flexible working atmosphere
  • Not very good at decision-making
  • Very cynical
  • Very conscious about their private space
  • Difficult to verbally express love
  • Not good at long-term planning
  • Too practical at times

Preferred ISFP Careers

  • This is one of the most common ISFP career choice.
  • ISFPs are, by nature, very loving and understanding; they have a deep connection with children.
  • They know how to deal with kids, understand their tantrums, their ways, and their language.
  • As pediatricians, they will know what the child is suffering from, what his crying woes mean, and what his ailing indicates.
  • Not only in pediatrics, but their helping and caring nature also makes them a good candidate for the entire health care industry.
  • This choice can be a controversial one of sorts. ISFPs generally prefer having a flexible environment; therefore, having their own business ensures that they are their own boss and can work when necessary.
  • That said, an ISFP's career in business may or may not be as successful, because they are not visionaries; they are neither very good long-term planners, nor are they suited to be good leaders.
  • These two points are vital in order to be a successful entrepreneur. Again, they can be slow-moving at times; hence, they will not be very good motivators for their business when the pace is fast.
  • If they need to be successful in a business, they need to choose a venture wherein they can afford to be slow and laid-back, or else, they need to compromise on some of their basic values (which is certainly difficult).
  • This again is one of best careers for the ISFP personality type.
  • Teaching involves dealing with children on a daily basis. Since ISFPs are already very fond of children, jobs in this sector will give them the twin benefits of remuneration and job satisfaction.
  • Not just that, but their affectionate nature will give them the motivation to perform better, and thus, they will grow to love their careers.
  • These qualities also make them suitable for careers along similar lines, like psychologist, counselor, professor, etc.
  • It is one of the best career options for the ISFP personality type.
  • They are very artistic and creative, and love anything to do with art and craft, history, and nature.
  • They can compose excellent music and play instruments as well.
  • They are used to expressing their feelings via actions, and music is one of the best ways to do so.
  • They can become good singers, composers, instrument players, etc.
  • Apart from music, they will do very well in careers like designing, jewelry, pottery, beauty, dance, theater, animation, etc.

ISFP Careers to Avoid

  • INFPs are good short-term planners; hence, any administrative work that involves short-term goals is alright, but if long-term goals are involved, it can get very complicated for an ISFP.
  • Moreover, most administrative jobs involve a rigid, fixed schedule, and this kind of a work environment can be potentially threatening for an ISFP.
  • If the job does not involve any artistic appeal, they might get bored after a while.
  • Considering these factors, it is better for an ISFP to avoid any job in the administrative sector.
  • Do not misread the career choice here; in this case, management focuses more on planning and leadership, both of which are weak points of an ISFP.
  • To be at the managerial position in a company requires one to have skilled leadership qualities.
  • ISFPs are individualistic; they prefer to neither lead nor follow.
  • That does not mean they can never lead; it simply means that they cannot be very good at it, which may lead the company/firm to lose out on important projects.
  • Apart from this, they loathe a fixed 9-5 schedule (even more hours in case of managers) as well as the fast-paced corporate environment.
Financial Planning
  • This is one of the main careers to avoid.
  • Generally, ISFPs are poor financial planners, or for that matter, any kind of planning is difficult for them.
  • Even though they are very practical and logical, financial decision-making is a difficult choice for them.
  • Any career related to extensive planning can be disastrous for an ISFP.
  • ISFPs loathe mundane tasks; hence, accountancy tops the chart.
  • However, it has been observed that ISFPs tend to perform these tasks even though they find it boring and monotonous.
  • They may not be able to retain this kind of patience for long though; hence, it is a bad career choice. In fact, any kind of job without any creativity or aesthetic appeal is a bad choice.

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One has the liberty of changing his/her career whenever the need arises. Therefore, if an ISFP is stuck in a rock and hard place, he need not fret. There are plenty of career options to choose and avoid apart from the ones mentioned above. The catch is to make complete use of one's strengths and build on the weak points.