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Car Dealer Job Description

Indrajit Deshmukh
The car dealer is a term used mostly to describe a salesperson working for a car dealership. Read on to know more about the duties of a car dealer.
If you are looking for the job description of a car dealer, you should understand that there are two types of dealerships. One is a new car dealership where only particular manufacturer's cars are sold. The other is a used car dealership where old cars of different makes and models are sold.
They say in the prevailing economic conditions one of the toughest jobs is in sales and people with a high caliber only will survive. Individuals who have an innate liking for automobiles irrespective of their shape, size and cost will do well in this profession.
The automobile industry was experiencing a major slump but is now showing signs of revival. One of the factors affecting the revival is the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) 2009 which offered tax credit to vehicle owners.
The government had promised money back for vehicle owners who paid state and local taxes while purchasing their cars. All this has rekindled the careers of car dealerships across America.
The job of a car dealer involves selling cars to customers who walk in to the dealership. However, it also encompasses a lot of other duties pertaining to selling cars and interacting with customers. The responsibilities will vary a little for use car dealer and a new car dealer. Here are some of the different aspects of the duties of a car dealer.


Interacting with customers with the sole intention of selling a car is one of the mainstays of this job. They greet customers and after assessing their interests, pitch them a car that they are most likely to buy. The car dealer needs to deep knowledge about the car they are trying to sell and also have information on the competition for making comparisons.


Many customers will like to finance their vehicles, hence a dealer needs to give details regarding the best options that are available. Some dealerships offer in house financing to customers and the dealer needs to be aware of things like interest rates, monthly payment details, processing fees and documentation.


Competition in this sector is very high and car dealership needs to conduct a lot of activities to build their brand. The car dealer will have to organize a car expo to attract customers, they will have to give free test drives.
They will also have to come up with tag lines for billboards around the dealership and advertise in local magazines to attract customers.


A car dealer has to do a lot of paperwork in the course of their work and mostly it is pertaining to the sale of cars. They will also have to maintain log sheets of interested customers and make notes for a follow-up. The car dealer will also have to make reports for quarterly meetings and maintain records of the cars available on the lot.


One of the skills required to be an effective car dealer is excellent communication skills as the job is about sales and marketing. Individuals who look presentable and have good etiquette will do well in this profession.
As the job involves dealing with customers day in and day out, individuals need to have good interpersonal skills. To become a successful car salesman you need to have in depth knowledge of the automobile industry.
This is one of the work profiles for which you don't need much formal education as a high school diploma is sufficient. Analysts also predict that the market is going to open up in the coming years and the automobile industry related professions will see good growth.