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Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

Aastha Dogra
Here are some common questions and answers, which will be extremely useful for all those people who are appearing for a business analyst job interview.
To come up with questions that are bound to be asked is not easy, as the job description of a business analyst varies from company to company. But, most of the time, a business analyst is the one who sees to it that a given business problem/project /concept is handled efficiently, and the best possible solutions are sought for the same.
In other words, he/she ensures a smooth business process management. It is also his/her job to identify the areas in business in which change is required, to overlook once these changes are made, and to monitor how they are helping in making the business profitable.
He/she needs to have excellent communication and technical skills along with business intelligence. The questions test the prospective candidates in all these areas. Here is a list of the regular as well as technical questions and answers, along with some useful tips.

Interview Questions

✦ Tell us about the kind of job responsibilities you handled in your previous job.

✦What according to you are some of the skills required to be a good business analyst?
✦Let's take a hypothetical situation in which two companies are merging. What will you suggest so that this merging takes place smoothly?

✦Describe the most difficult business problem you have worked on in your career. What analysis did you make of it, and what were your suggestions or recommendations to solve it?
✦How do you rate your business communication skills? Can you give us one example where you acted as a link between the development team and the client for the purpose of business clarifications?

✦Out of all the business intelligence (BI) tools, like business objects, crystal reports, etc., how do you determine which one to use?
✦Have you ever written any use-case specifications? Describe how did you go about them?

✦Describe 'alternate flow'.

✦Do you think that use cases are functional requirements? Explain in detail.
✦In case of a use-case specification, do you think there should be a particular number of steps/pages?

✦What is 'push back' in terms of business users?

✦What is the role of a business analyst in process testing?
Besides these, you might be asked technical questions on a variety of topics, such as UML modeling, Rational Unified Process, Risk Management, data mapping, GAP analysis, SDLC methodologies, UI Designs, Traceability Matrix, Interface/Integration mapping, Waterfall Method, and Prototyping Model.
To answer these to the best of your ability, make use of as many practice tests and quizzes as possible. Researches have shown that practice tests and quizzes help in improving the understanding as well as the retention powers of the candidates. This helps a lot while answering questions during the interview.
Majority of the companies rate the business analysts on the basis of how correctly they answer the questions, how quick they are in their response, and how comprehensive their answers are. In order to meet all these criteria, you should have an in-depth knowledge of all the factual information on a majority of the topics.
The best way to achieve this is by studying each and every answer given in the multiple choice practice tests in detail, including both the correct and wrong options. You need to have a thorough understanding of why a particular answer is right and the other wrong.

Senior Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers: Samples

✦ Question: Why are you contemplating a job change?
Answer: While answering such questions, make sure you don't say any negative things about your employer, as it will give a very bad impression. Instead, you can answer by saying, "In my current company, there are no prospects of growth. I do not want to get stagnated and decided to move on to some organization where ample growth opportunities are available."
✦ Question: Why should we choose you over the other candidates who applied for this job?
Answer: While describing your strengths, give examples from your previous work experience like, "My biggest strength is that I utilize my resources, including the people who work for me. In my previous company, while working on a difficult project, I identified the staff that was able to handle a particular kind of work and trained them accordingly."
When you describe your weaknesses, mold them in such a way that they appear like strengths. For example, you can mention things like, "I sometimes get so caught up in my job that I forget I have a social life."
✦ Question: Do you think that a business analyst should have domain expertise?

Answer: If you do not have any domain experience, then while answering this question, emphasize on your fast learning skills, excellent research skills, and ability to adapt. It is all right not to have a domain expertise, but show your enthusiasm to gain it in the future.
Here's hoping that these will help you when you go for the interview. When it comes to job interview questions, keep an open mind as anything can be asked. Also, be positive, answer honestly and confidently, smile a lot, and brush up all the technical concepts thoroughly, and you will surely clinch that coveted job. Best of luck!