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Business Analyst Interview Questions

Aarti R
If you are aspiring to be a business analyst, you need to be aware of some business analyst interview questions that are very important from the point of view of a candidate applying for the post.
A business analyst is a person, who acts as a liaison between the product developer and the user. The analysis of the requirements in a project, along with a proper documentation of the project, are his major responsibilities.
He must see to it, that the documentation for the project is done very well so that the users must understand what the developer has done in the total development of the product. Therefore, he is a channel of communication between the users and developers.
For providing a better understanding between the two of them, he is required to draw the necessary diagrams, like use case diagram, activity diagrams, sequence diagrams, and collaboration diagram. These professionals are also called functional or system analysts or system architects.
There are many domains wherein they are required, for example, controlling, finance, pharmaceuticals, fixed income products, health care, and banking. Here you will find some business analyst interview questions, which will help you prepare better for your job.

List of Interview Questions

While going for the interview, you must be prepared with all your basic concepts, and these questions will help you revise the basic concepts of your curriculum.
  • What are the three skills required for this post?
  • How does this role differ from that of the project manager?
  • What were your responsibilities in this profile at the last job?
  • What are the business intelligence tools and in what way do you use them?
  • What is a use case system and at which stage of the project is it complete?
  • In process testing, what will your different duties be?
  • During the merge of two companies, what all things you need to do to make the merge successful?
  • What are SDLC methodologies?
  • Explain use case and test case?
  • What do you mean by UML modeling and explain this concept in detail?
  • What is an activity diagram and state the importance of the activity diagram?
  • What do you mean by alternate flow in use case and exception flow in use case?
  • Name the two documents related to the use case.
  • What do you mean by logical data model? Explain.
  • Name and explain some of the different diagrams required for this profile and explain two of them in detail.
  • Explain the term 'push back' with reference to a business user?
  • With the help of the names of specific documents, can you tell the exact steps in the use case?
  • What is the use of flow chart? Explain its importance.
  • Is there any difference between system use case and business use case? If yes, what is the difference?
  • What is the difference between the functional and the non-functional requirements. Explain this difference with the help of examples.
Along with these, brush up all the concepts related to the responsibilities of this post and remember to answer confidently. Also, it is also important how you dress up. Dressing well will add to your personality and increase your confidence level. Best of Luck!