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Brand Ambassador Job Description

Technically, there are numerous direct and indirect duties that are part of a brand ambassador's job. In this write-up, we will know more about the same.
Kundan Pandey
The position of a brand ambassador is of repute and recognition. He is seen at launch parties and in marketing campaigns of products. While it is certainly true that celebrities who are ambassadors of legendary products enjoy numerous benefits provided by the firm, they also have to discharge several duties that are part of the job.

What They Do

The prime objective of a brand ambassador is to inform the consumers about the products of an organization. While most of the brands are endorsed by celebrities (as a part of strengthening corporate branding by promoting products among the masses), recent years have seen the rise of ambassador jobs.
Many popular brands select young, dynamic, and smart candidates for this position. While celebrities may not always have time for campaigns and photo shoots, the ambassadors who are hired by the firms are always available for carrying out tasks related to product branding.
In most of the cases, brand ambassadors represent the company during trade shows, exhibitions, and parties. Usually, in US and all across the globe, celebrities play this role, because they're popular figures in society.
However, some companies don't hesitate to hire candidates with excellent communication skills and great looks, for the position.
Celebrity ambassadors may earn huge amounts of money by endorsing brands. However, individuals who are hired for the job in US, act as company marketing representatives or what we can call customer relationship managers. They earn an income of USD 29,000 to USD 82,000 per year.
However, when we talk about brand ambassadors in general, the image that is evoked in our minds is that of famous celebrities. All the work is mostly done by brand managers and the public relations agency.
However, it is the ambassador who steals the show on the stage. They publicize the products they are representing, as they very often assist brand managers in implementation of numerous sales and marketing campaigns.
Those who are recruited by companies as marketing professionals have the following duties.
  • Act as a spokesperson for respective employers and appear in regional and national media talk shows, as well as newspapers.
  • Distribute information amongst the public to create knowledge about the product.
  • Offer samples of products and demonstrate their use.
As such, no qualifications are required for the position. However, a charismatic personality and excellent communication skills are prerequisites to become one. While large-scale companies look for celebrity ambassadors, increasingly, a large number of companies are also hiring from among talented young people, who haven't achieved stardom.
Candidates with good looks and excellent communication skills are best suited for carrying out activities discussed earlier. Since this is a growing field, it has a lot of future potential.