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Best Second Jobs for Teachers

Aastha Dogra
Here is a list of some of the best second jobs for teachers. These are convenient, well paid and can be easily carried out, along with the regular teaching job. Read on...
According to the job market predictions, the education sector is touted to be one of the fastest growing ones in the coming decade. There is expected to be a huge surge in demand for quality teachers in the coming few years. That's why, today we have so many people vying to enter the teaching line.
The teaching jobs are reasonably paid, with the average salary of a teacher falling anywhere between $40000 to $45000 per year, in the United States. And the best part is that since teachers get free early everyday, they can supplement their income by taking up a second job in the evenings.
Also, with so many holidays in this profession, the same can be utilized for earning some extra income too. Given below are some great second job ideas for teachers.

Career Consultant

A teacher can become a career and education consultant for high school students. So, you can open your own consultancy and guide the students who are about to pass out of school on what career path to take and the right colleges to apply for, in order to have a head start in their chosen field. If opening your own consultancy seems like a lot of responsibility to you, you can look for employment in education consulting firms.

Freelance Writer

Teachers who are proficient in language, can take up freelance writing. You can take up writing jobs in newspapers, magazines and the Internet. Politics, fashion, travel, education, economics, business, food, philosophy, religion, literature - you can write on anything and earn some good amount of money for it.

Corporate Trainer

One of the well-paying alternative careers for teachers is to become a corporate trainer. In a classroom, a teacher is a leader and the pupils are his followers. A teacher has to display the same skills i.e. good communication, act as a motivator, use a particular set of rewards and punishments, excellent planning, organization and presentation skills.
Skills are expected from a manager or an executive in the corporate world.  So, if you have been apt at displaying these skills in the classroom, you can very well train many a corporate executives on how to inculcate these skills.

Motivational Speaker

A good teacher not only increases the knowledge of his students about the subject that he teaches, but also gives them some very important life lessons. A good teacher inspires and motivates his students to lead disciplined lives, to become a useful citizen of the society, to be productive and to engage in some meaningful endeavors.
Thus, if you have been such a teacher who thinks it is your responsibility to ensure that your students develop in all the spheres of life, you can extend this attitude of yours beyond the classroom and become a motivational speaker. As a guest lecture, you can give inspirational speeches in various schools and corporates.

Hobby Classes

Take up hobby classes, in the evenings, on weekends or during the holidays. So, if you are good at painting or writing or dancing or any other art and craft, you can start your own classes at home itself. As you have an access to so many students, you won't have much of a problem in finding takers for your hobby classes.

Social Worker

Teachers are very good at handling children. So, if there is a non governmental organization which is working for orphans or underprivileged children, a teacher can work part-time with it and offer to teach and train such children. This may not be a very well paid job, but the satisfaction that you get from helping the have-nots of the society is unparalleled.

Internet Jobs

For those of you who are looking for jobs, just to supplement their regular income, a convenient option is an online job, which can be carried out from home itself. Data entry jobs, online selling through websites such as eBay, joining an Internet affiliate marketing program and working as a virtual assistant for corporates, these are some of the jobs that you can consider.
A teaching job is said to be the most respectful and satisfying one. And now, with a second job, such as the ones mentioned above, you can make it one of the best paying too!