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Best Retail Jobs

Sujata Iyer
There are many industries which offer some of the best retail jobs. Not only do they give job security but they also provide valuable experience to the employee. Read more to know about some of the best ones.
We study hard and have a dream of having our own home, our own family. Of being financially secure and not having to ask for monetary favors from our family and friends. The only way to achieve any of the above is with a secure job.
Getting a job means so much to a person. So, for all those on the lookout for some good full-time or part-time jobs with benefits, here are some of the best retail jobs that you can try out.

Why Retail Jobs?

The retailing industry is one of the best employers, not only in the United States, but all around the world. How does the retailing industry work? Well, the chain from the producer to the ultimate consumer follows the following order: Manufacturer ------Wholesaler-------Retailer------Consumer.
So, as you can see, the retailer is the person from where we, the final consumers, get our consumer products. By this, you can judge how vast this industry is. And by the vastness of the industry, you can realize the career opportunities that await you.

The Best Ones

The best retail jobs are generally available at leading chains of supermarkets, department stores, clothing stores, food products, convenience and general stores, pharmacies, variety stores, etc. A good retail employer is one which will give its employees benefits, keep them happy and be reasonably strict with them.
Some of these benefits are as follows.
  • Health insurance
  • A reasonable holiday policy
  • Discounts at the outlet
  • Low layoff rate
  • Child care
These were just some of the benefits that the retail giants can and surely do give their employees. When the employees are happy, the business does better. And when the business does better, the employer is happy. When the employer is happy, he ensures that he continues keeping his employees happy.
It is a cycle that begins with the employees and ends with the employees. Which shows that the best retail jobs are the ones that are employee centric. Now, let us see a list of some of the best retail employers.
  • Wal-Mart: Wal-Mart is the largest store for discount shopping, not only in the United States, but all around the world. It also is the largest single employer in the world, and its employees get benefits like health insurance, discounts on merchandise etc.
  • Whole Foods: A natural and organic grocery stores chain, Whole Foods is also a massive employer and has a unique policy of not letting the top paid employee earn more than a certain amount above the average daily wages.
  • Wegman's Food Market: This food chain stood out in the recent recession by not laying off a single employee. In fact, it is a company which has never laid off an employee.
  • Nugget Market: Nugget Market is another food chain that provides good employment. Nugget Market employees get discount coupons for green groceries among other benefits.
  • Starbucks: The leading coffee shop chain in the United States takes good care of its part-time as well as full-time employees. They all are granted health insurance by Starbucks.
  • Barnes & Noble: Barnes & Nobel, the largest bookshop chain in the United States has excellent facilities like insurance, discount on merchandise, tuition help, dental care, hospitalization and insurance for short and long-term disability, etc.
  • Home Depot: Home Depot, the country's largest home improvement chain gives its employees insurance, health savings accounts, dental and vision care assistance, time-off benefits, etc.
  • Kohl's: Kohl's, a leading chain of department stores selling branded clothing, accessories, baggage, etc. has retail stores all over the country. It gives its employees dental insurance and vision care help, vacations (fully paid), accrual for which begins from the first month onwards, life insurance, discount on merchandise at any of its stores, etc.
These were some of the best retail jobs for college students or even adults, that you can try out. As jobs for college students, it will give them a good learning experience and adults can gain from the benefits these jobs offer.