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Best Professions in the Medical Field

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Are you interested in the medical field, but cannot make up your mind as to which job to take? Here is a list of best professions in the medical field, that should help you.
Health care industry is a booming sector with a rapid growth rate. In spite of economic meltdown, this sector has managed to maintain a steady growth rate. Every year, thousands of new job opportunities are generated in this sector.

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Currently, this industry employs around 14 million medical professionals in the US alone. Although, the medical profession is synonymous with physicians and nurses, there are several other streams in medicine which offer equally lucrative job opportunities. In fact, the medical field careers list extends far beyond doctors and nurses.
Although, the pay scale may not be equivalent to that of doctors or nurses, the educational requirements are a bit relaxed. Besides, these lesser known professions offer other perks such as fixed working hours and less erratic schedule.

What are the Top Medical Professions to Get Into

Medical professions can be classified into two types, one that deals with core patient care, while the other is more of an assistive nature. The second type primarily includes technical and research jobs.


Surgeons are undoubtedly one of the highest paid professionals in the country. They work in diverse fields such as cardiology, neurology, gastroenterology, cosmetic, gynecology, ophthalmology etc. Neurosurgeons are the highest paid surgeons with an annual income over $250,000.

General Physicians

General physicians may practice in their own private clinics or may join a hospital. They deal in providing primary patient care, performing diagnostic procedures, recommending tests and evaluating results and referring specialists to patients who need advanced medical care. General physicians may earn anywhere between $150,000 - $200,000.


Nurses work at different levels, in various settings and in diverse streams. Naturally, the educational qualifications and salary also differ in that respect. Nurses with a bachelor's degree and those working in surgical wards are the highest paid nurses. Experience and education are the two factors which decide the salary of nurses in this field.

Physical Therapists

This is yet another career in the medical field which deals in core patient care without having to endure the sight of blood. Physical therapist mainly deal in assisting the patient to regain his muscle strength and mobility. People who have lost their mobility following an accident or a medical illness, benefit a great deal from physical therapy.
To become a physical therapist you need to acquire a bachelor's degree, apart from a course in physiotherapy. Salary depends upon the setting in which you work as well as number of working hours.

X-Ray Technicians

X-ray technicians need to complete a two year associate's degree along with relevant certification in X-ray technology. The job includes, handling equipment, preparing patients for X-ray and documenting results. X-ray technicians may earn anywhere between $30,000 - $50,000 a year.

Medical Researcher

Medical researchers and scientists are in demand to conduct various researches and studies in the field of biomedicine as well as pharmacy. To become a medical scientist, you need to have a PhD in biological science or pharmacy. They earn around $61,000 a year.

Paramedics and EMTs

This is yet another job in core patient care that you can take without a medical degree. Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are the first to report on the sight of an accident or mishap.
They evaluate the condition of the patient, perform basic treatments and transport the patient to a medical facility. They have to work at erratic hours, often at long stretches and must report on duty whenever demanded.
Apart from this, there are several other career options in medical field. However, inquire about the educational qualifications and requirements for a particular career in your respective state.