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Best Jobs in the World

Aastha Dogra
The most important aspect of any career path are security, growth, and money. Let's have a look at some of the best jobs in the world.
For many of us, jobs that pay well, are secure even in times of recession, provide ample growth opportunities in the future, and offer favorable working conditions with no stress at all, are termed as ideal career opportunities. Here is a list of some of the best jobs in America, which more or less combine all these criteria.


To get into this profession, a person needs to have had formal training of history in college or graduate school level. To become a historian, a person should possess excellent skills in writing, research, as well as in critical thinking.
A historian can work in a number of fields ranging from the education sector (as a teacher/professor) to the corporate sector (maintaining company's history and old records) to museums and libraries.
Historians can even enter the writing field by publishing books on history. The main job of a historian is to analyze historical information from previous eras and then maintain written records of it.


He applies physics and math to solve problems in areas like space flight, navigation, weather forecasting, satellite communication, and to develop techniques to record astronomical data and new findings.
To get into research or to work as a teacher in this field, a person needs to have a doctorate in physics or a related field. To get an industry job, a master's degree is enough. To enter this field, a person should have good mathematical, analytical, writing, and problem solving skills, with a keen interest in exploring new things.


A sociologist's job is to study the human behavior by observing group interaction, conducting research, and by undertaking studies.
A sociologist generally specializes in one field, like some may research political organizations, some may research tribal groups while others may research religious groups. To become a sociologist, a person needs to have a master's degree or a doctorate.
A sociologist can work as a teacher/professor or can undertake research projects or he may work as a policy analyst and study the various policies initiated by government. A person entering this profession should have a good knowledge of interview techniques, statistical and survey methods, as well as a good ability to analyze, gather, and interpret data.


According to law, to be a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), along with a bachelor's/master's degree in accounting or any related filed, a person needs to pass a national level test for accountants.
Considered one of the hot careers for the next 10 years, an accountant's main job is to write a company's financial reports. He has to make sure that the company is financially stable, and that the taxes are paid properly. He can also offer services such as investment planning, budget analysis, and selected legal services.


It is a biologist's job to study and explore the relationship between the environment and living beings.
There are many sub fields in this profession in which a person can specialize, such as one can opt to become an aquatic biologist, biochemist, botanist, physiologist, zoologist, biophysicist, and microbiologist. A person needs to have a master's degree as well as a doctoral degree to get into this profession.


  • Mathematician
  • Statistician
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Meteorologist
  • Motion Picture Editor
  • Paralegal Assistant
  • Actuary
  • Software Engineer
  • Philosopher
  • Parole Officer
  • Industrial Designer
  • Economist
  • Computer Programmer
  • Physicist
  • Medical Laboratory Technician
To get any of these jobs, proper career planning has to be done right after high school, as all of these professions require a graduate/postgraduate/doctoral degree. So, if you are willing to work hard after spending years studying, then these recession-proof jobs are ideal for you.