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Best Jobs in America 2020

Kundan Pandey
Post Trump there has been a marginal increase in jobs, but unemployment rates have gone down since 2017, and can be hoped to go down further. The industries that have shown growth are finance, technology, and health, but when it comes to selecting the best jobs, there seems to be no single criterion.
Definition of 'the best job' varies from person to person. Some people want fat salaries irrespective of job satisfaction while some look for job security and job satisfaction. To come up with a list of top jobs for 2020, some criteria and standards need to be fixed and only then, it is possible to compare and judge professions as the best or the worst.

What Determines the Best Jobs

Be it a corporate tycoon or an average employer, there are some basic factors that everyone wants in a profession. It's human nature to look forward to a job that offers stability, challenges, growth opportunities, high salaries and a chance to contribute to the community.

Factors That Determine Dream Jobs

Factors that determine whether the job is the best for you or not:
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Salary Range
  • Career Outlook
  • Stress
  • Work Environment

Job Satisfaction

Job satisfaction is a relative term and it depends on personal choices. But almost each of us will love to work in a profession that makes us feel happy and productive. If you are enjoying what you do, it is certainly the best job, at least for you.

Salary Range

It matters a lot and often the most! Who won't wish to earn fat salaries? A high paying job is mostly preferred by everyone.

Career Outlook

You don't want to be stuck in the same position for years, right? Either you want to keep learning new things and improve your profile, or at least, you'll expect a pay rise after some time. Growth is what every professional expects from a profession.


NO profession is stress-free. Given the workload these days, a teacher is just as stressed as a pilot. But then certainly, there is some ease in several jobs. Being a writer for example, someone may find it extremely simple, free of any stress.
But those who're in sales and marketing have to be always on their toes and it's very stressful. Stress is composed of both factors: Physical and psychological. By stress, it only means, some ease in working and not negligible stress.

Work Environment

While you are working in an air conditioned office, someone may have to work in a coal mine for hours. Definitely, we all wish to have a comfortable work environment. A peaceful work environment reduces stress, and increases productivity.
The intent of this list is to highlight the fact, that these are some jobs which will be in high demand in the future. And certainly, they're best when rated on the factors discussed here.
We have included wages of all these professions so that you can get an idea about earning potential of these professions. The data for salaries have been selected from the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS) website.

Best Jobs In America 2020

Here is the list of the top 5 jobs according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Let's see which sector suits you the best.

Jobs in the Service Industries

With the world going online, service providers have a major role to play. According to the BLS, the service provider industry is projected to add 10.5 million jobs in the span of 10 years (2016-2026). This is what ensures the availability of jobs with a good payment.
You may wanna brush up your management skills since one of the top service needs is management followed by science and technology.

Jobs In Training and Education

People today are more inclined towards learning new things than ever and pocket friendly online courses just makes it easier. According to the BLS the occupations that requires a post secondary degree is expected to account for half of all the new jobs.
The companies need more qualified and competent trainers, and the education sector is on its mission to educated and empower all. This job has growth by leaps and bounds and will keep growing in the future.

Registered Nurses

The health sector is soaring by the year. With pollution on a new high its hard for people to maintain a healthy and fit life.
On the other hand, advancement in the medical field has given a boon of sustaining life for a good number of year post retirement. This has resulted in an increase in senior citizens and hence a need of constant medical assistance.
According to BLS, this sector is projected to grow 15 percent till 2026, which is much faster than average.

Jobs in Environmental Consulting and Technology

The energy industry is one of the fastest growing industries. The BLS prediction for the energy sectors are wild and shows true promise. The world is in desperate need for switching to a renewable source of energy and across the globe you can see companies pouring millions to reduce their carbon footprints and give the world an alternative.
In the coming years, the field will be in more demand than ever which makes the jobs in this field one of the best.

Jobs in Home Health Aids

The jobs in the field of home care aides and personal and home health aids is projected to grow by 1,208,800 in the period 2016-2026 as stated by the BLS. The substantial growth in the number of senior citizens has resulted in exponential job vacancies.
On the charts of BLS this sector has shown the most promise of all. So if you have a degree or are currently pursuing one in the relevant field then its time to rejoice.

A Word of Advice

The world's worst or best jobs depend much on our individual preferences and the way we form our opinions about our jobs. Unless we're not working on an island, aloof from the world, with minimum possible resources to survive, we shouldn't be complaining because every job has its own merits and demerits.
At a certain stage, every job can appear to be monotonous and routine work. It depends on us how we excel in a profession, increase our benchmark of excellence and find new avenues of innovation in it, that gives the peaks to the monotonous note. Without that attitude towards work, job satisfaction in any work is rarely possible.
Maybe you're under tremendous stress, sitting in your cabin to take a decision that would write the destiny of your company in the coming years.
But then you have an air conditioner and a top class office in the world. What about an underground welder, deep in water, fixing some metal rods and joining them? What has he to complain? Many things, right? But then a job, be it of a CEO or of a sweeper has its own share of highs and lows. We win some, we lose some.
Be it statistics, medical sciences, computers, IT or humanities, scope of great career opportunities exist everywhere. All we got to do is to make sincere efforts to achieve the required qualifications and prove our skills.