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Best Jobs for Women

Rujuta Borkar
Wondering what the best jobs for women are? With the plethora of job opportunities available, you are bound to get baffled. Relax and go through various career options to choose the one you love.
You'll be graduating soon and you feel like the world is yours to conquer. You have been interested in so many things throughout this time, that it has added to your confusion about the perfect career path to choose for yourself. 'It would surely help if I had a list of the best jobs for women', you think. So be it.

Best Careers for Women

No longer considered a man's job, this pharmaceutical job will allow you to allocate medicines to patients and help them understand the side-effects of the same (if any).
You'll need a bachelor's degree in science to do this job and will be required to stay up-to-date by doing research.

Sales Engineer

Women who have social skills and can communicate effectively are best suited for this job because it combines both engineering and sales. You'll need a degree in marketing or engineering for this one.
Lawyers are needed in all fields of life in this day and age. It is a job that requires one to have a strong base in logic and tactical thinking. There are several specializations that one can take up depending on individual taste and aptitude.
Studies show that it is one of the highest paying jobs for women. A basic degree in law and further postgraduate specializations are needed for a career in this field.

Human Resource Manager

This is one of the most challenging and yet satisfying jobs among the good jobs for women. It will require one to develop and follow through the policies and benefits that spell out the companies corporate culture. A degree in human resources is a must.
Businesses are relying more and more on technology solutions for their growth. Thus this field will provide for several opportunities for IT jobs.
Information Technology Analyst
It is also one of the best paying jobs for women. A degree in computer science is needed to secure a career in this.

Social Worker/Counselor

This is a very good job for women because it involves using one's 'natural instinct'. It requires you to help others solve interpersonal problems and get over their stumbling blocks by interacting with them in fields of education, vocation, or in social settings. It needs you to have a Bachelor's degree in social work.
This sector will always be in high demand with the changing trends in economy. Thus, financial advisers are needed at all times to be able to help in giving financial advice. Women can do this by starting out with a degree in finance.
Financial Adviser

Market Research Analyst

This job requires you to analyze the market and its conditions, as well as study the varied buyer strategies, habits, and preferences. It needs one to have a Bachelor's degree in statistics or marketing.
Software engineers are required to design, develop and improve upon the software that is used for businesses as well as homes. They are especially trained to design and mold the software depending on the individual needs of the clients.
Software Engineer
A basic Bachelor's degree is a prerequisite for this field. Many colleges now offer a specialized degree in software and computer engineering. Along with an educational degree, work experience is also considered quite important.

Physical Therapist

This involves helping patients in gaining and restoring flexibility and movements. A Bachelor's degree is a must for this career.
A highly respected profession, this is also one of the most satisfying careers that women can take up. With the plethora of options available in this medical career, one can choose something that they are interested in.
Physicians and Surgeons
A Bachelor's degree in science is a preferred choice and the subsequent postgraduate and specialized degrees can be undertaken in accordance with ones interest and aptitude. It is also one of the highest paying jobs of today.

Biological Technician

This involves helping the scientists in setting up experiments and in performing and recording them. It needs an associates degree.

Radiation Therapist

As the name suggests, it involves one to handle radiation during surgeries and chemotherapy. This needs one to have a minimum of an Associates Degree in Radiography.

Jobs for Women with Children

☞ Sales Representative

Beauty companies hire sales reps to sell their products. So you can finish your target as and when you want. This is a great job for those who have the gift of the gab.

☞ Customer Service

These are usually hired by call centers. One can even work form home for these. The number of working hours can be negotiated.
☞ Day Care Center

If you are great with kids, you can start a day care center at home. This will allow you to be at home and work at the same time.

Jobs for Women in the Military

Jobs in the military require some form of education. Some of these are:

☞ Computer Jobs: These are important because of the electronic communication that is required to be carried out through air, land, and sea.

☞ Medical Jobs: These are readily available in the military because of the rigorous training that cadets have to go through.

Jobs for Older Women

☞ Editor: One can be an editor for an author. It just requires you to have a keen sense of observation and an interest in education and research.

☞ Research Assistant: Similar to the kind of job mentioned earlier, this one would be with helping scientists in their research.
☞ Party Hostess: It is a great job for people who love to organize.

☞ NGOs: If one likes to work for a social cause, this is one of the best suited jobs for women.
There you have it, some of the greatest jobs for women. Hope I've been able to help by providing you with a wide choice of the kind of jobs that you can take up. No matter what age group you belong to, just choose one that you think suits you best and go for it. All the best!