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Best Jobs for Visually Impaired People

Madhushree Kelkar
Advancement in technology has accorded many career opportunities for people who suffer from blindness. Here are some of the best jobs for visually impaired people.

Did You Know?

Erik Weihenmayer was the first visually impaired person to reach the summit of the Mount Everest in 2001.
Technology has opened many avenues for the visually impaired. There are various software that help them to work with ease. Today, thanks to technology, they have several job opportunities to advance in their career. Many companies are openly hiring visually impaired individuals because they pay more attention to detail and have better focus than others.
Modern-day workplaces are also readily adjusting in order to accommodate visually impaired employees. This has led to a number of job opportunities for them in various fields. 
Many men and women with eyesight problems are acquiring education, getting well-placed jobs, and are supporting themselves and their family members financially. They are no longer dependent on others to earn a living. If you are interested in knowing about the various career opportunities for the visually impaired, go through this information.


Teaching is one of the most sought-after jobs by the visually impaired. You will have to take the necessary training to become a teacher by attending college. You may then zero down on the grade that are you interested in teaching.
You can even teach college students if you so desire. You will require a teaching aide, and some audio-visual teaching aids. Also, you will have to figure out a way to grade handwritten assignments and the management of the classroom. However, if you want to avoid this, Internet-based teaching is also a viable option.


If you love music and are really good at it, you can also be a professional musician. This will be a creative job, which will give you an opportunity to translate your passion into a profession.
Many people are gifted musicians and do not need any kind of training. However, it is always best to hone one's talent by learning from a professional. This is one career that can actually catapult you overnight to the list of the rich and famous. However, it needs to be pursued relentlessly, without getting deterred by failure.


Being a writer is, again, one of the most creative and personally fulfilling professions. You can write sitting in the comfort of your home. Even if you are working as a print journalist, you can do interviews over the phone.
You can even have your own column in a newspaper or magazine. You can also write a book or start a popular blog. There are many content writing firms which offer good remuneration. You can also join these and earn well.


This is one job where you will enjoy interacting with a number of people over the phone. All you have to do is understand everything about the product you are marketing and call up people to sell it to them.
Though this does not require any particular qualifications, you may have to use computers. Also, you need to incorporate the attitude of a hardcore salesman to impress the caller and make him buy the product.


Contrary to popular belief, that it will be difficult for a visually impaired person to become an accountant, today, there are many people who are working as accountants. There are many accountancy tools which help a person deal with numbers.
You could use Nemeth braille code for your calculations, software like JAWS for text reading, and Windows keystrokes to avoid using a mouse. Getting professional training and a good mentor can help you become a successful accountant.

Computer Programmer

Though it sounds difficult for visually impaired people to compete in the dynamic IT domain, today there are many who are working as computer programmers. They use software aids for learning and operating as a computer programmer.
Apart from the screen-reading software, you can also get a printer which prints in braille. For this, you will have to take up technical courses in computer programming.

Food Critic

Working as a food critic can not only be a well-paying job, but can also be a fun job. All you have to do is visit various restaurants and eateries, and take notes about the food. Then write down a review of the food. In order to get photos, you can always ask your companion to click pictures.
You can then start a blog of your own, or even a website to make these food reviews popular. You can even start your own column in a local newspaper, magazine, or website, and be on your way to a huge fan following.

Motivational Speaker

While being a motivational speaker does not require any educational qualifications, it does call for a deep sense and understanding of life.
Visually impaired people boldly face a very difficult fight with life and go on to win it. Hence, the experience that they gather is valuable for many people who are coping with depression, stress, rejection, heartbreak, etc. All that you need to do is inspire these individuals who need motivation, and encourage them to have a positive outlook towards life.


Many visually impaired people go to colleges and graduate in foreign languages. This helps them to work as a language translator.
They can either work with a firm, or take up freelancing jobs to translate text in a different language. There are various text-reading software which help them in their work. They can also work as interpreters by assisting people who have foreign visitors. This helps them to earn well.

Radio Announcer

Being visually impaired does not hinder this interesting job of a radio announcer or broadcaster.
All you need to have is a spunky voice, entertaining content, and the ability to connect with listeners. It is advisable that you do a course in radio broadcasting or voice-training. However, you can always get hands-on training.

Travel Agent

This is yet another interesting job for the visually impaired. It will allow you to interact with a number of people every day and make travel plans for them. You will have to take courses in travel planning, and complete your degree in travel and tourism.
You can then go ahead and get a job at a travel agency. You may require a business license if you are operating on your own, based on the requirements of your state. You will also need to possess good knowledge about world travel, and the best means to reach various destinations. This is also a well-paying job, and you may also earn some commission.

Social Worker

Only visually impaired people can help other visually impaired people the best, as they know exactly what emotional state such people go through. Hence, working as a social worker is a great option.
You can pursue a Masters course in social work from a graduate school in order to get in-depth knowledge about the field. You may then work in the domain of disability advocacy, vision rehabilitation, counseling for blindness issues, case management, etc.
It will not only give you good remuneration, but also a deep sense of satisfaction. It is not necessary that you work with the visually impaired only, you can also tap other areas of your interest where social work is required.
Apart from this, you can also work as an insurance consultant, nutritionist, employment consultant, data entry operator, typist, lawyer, physical therapist, customer service professional, counselor, psychiatrist, singer, piano technician, etc. Not only this, but if you have a penchant for entrepreneurship, you can start a business on your own.
It is advisable that you get training from a business school or take experience under a capable mentor. This will help you cope with any business-related problems that will arise during your transactions. Hire the right people, and take help of software aids to guide you so that you do not make a mistake.
Now that you know about the best jobs for visually impaired people, find a job that you will love. Remember, working will help you gain self-confidence, and put your visual impairment behind. As Helen Keller has rightly said, "All the world is full of suffering. It is also full of overcoming."