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Best Jobs for Teenagers

Kundan Pandey
There are numerous jobs for teenagers that can help them to earn some extra income to supplement their pocket money. Read on for more information about such jobs.
Teen years of life are linked to fun, frolic, and enjoyment. Nevertheless, these are the years when personality can be improved by getting involved in some part-time jobs.
Teenagers can have a wonderful opportunity to learn time management skills, improve their communication skills, and learn important life values by working part-time. Although this may appear a difficult task, it can be made simpler by inquiring of elders, college placement cells, teachers, and friends who have knowledge about part-time jobs.

Good Jobs for Teenagers

Mentioned here are some of the best jobs for teenagers that they can choose from depending on their interest areas. Note that although these jobs may not pay very high, they're certainly one of the best choices for teenagers, as they give them freedom to choose their own work, decide their own time, and gain more work experience.


This is an interesting and challenging jobs for teens. They must be mature and caring as handling babies and kids can be annoying at times. Parents look for responsible teens to take proper care of their kids.

Retail Stores

Working in a retail store or a grocery shop can earn you some good pocket money. If you wish to understand how interesting a cashier's job is, then you can work in retail stores.
'Flexible Timings' is another important aspect; apart from 'Safety of work' when working in retail stores. Generally, peak hours in retail stores and shops are on weekends, so you get an opportunity to learn a lot, and at the same time earn good money. If you're good with numbers, and love to work fast, retail stores can be a good choice for you.


This is a perfect job for book lovers. It can be very productive for teenagers. Besides earning money, you can learn library management basics. If you find your calling, you can pursue courses in library management in future.


Many home owners have no time to look after their gardens. As a teenager, you can work as gardener who looks after plants and takes care of them. You must have interest in gardening if you wish to do this job.

Online Jobs

In recent years, making money online has become a possibility. However, don't get swayed by claims that promise you earnings of millions within a week or a month. Some authentic online jobs you can look out for on the Internet are carrying out surveys and market research for firms and writing articles on several topics.
In fact, for teens above 14, if they have a flair for writing, there are many websites that may pay them well for submitting write-ups and content. Certainly, the content must be as per required by the website.


For teens, a challenging job can be of a waiter/waitress in hotels and restaurants. Besides learning patience by serving different types of visitors, they can sharpen their communication skills.
Generally, hotels pay about US$ 5 to US$19 or more for per hour's work. Added to that are tips that one can earn, if a customer is impressed by the waiter's services. As such there is no dearth of part-time jobs, however, teens have to ensure that besides doing the job, they're able to focus on their studies also.