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Best Jobs for Moms

Here are some career options for moms at home.
Aastha Dogra
There comes a time in every woman's life when she has to choose between her family and her profession. Some women can afford help or have parents/supportive husbands who pitch in to bring up the children if she chooses to restart her career. But mostly, the prime responsibility to raise the children is put on the woman's shoulders.
Women today, along with taking care of their children, want to continue earning considering that to raise children on a single salary is very difficult. Also, women do not want to lose their financial independence. At the same time they do not want to compromise on the kind of care they give to their children either.
The ideal job in such a scenario for a mom would be that which has flexible timings, does not give stress (she is already under a lot of pressure raising children) and through which she is able to earn enough. Here are some of the best jobs, which women can consider while simultaneously taking care of their little ones.


Selling is considered to be one of the best jobs for moms, as they can take up sales assignments as and when they have free time.
Women can consider selling things like cosmetics or financial products. In some organizations, it is not even mandatory to be present everyday as long as you are meeting the sales target. This flexibility makes sales job a good option for work at home moms.


There is a huge requirement for people in the health care sector. Since the demand for personnel, be it nurses or therapists, is so high, the women can actually have a say in deciding the number of shifts or hours they are willing to work.
When children are small, a woman can take up just two to three shifts a week. When they are a bit grown up and the woman is ready for a full-time job, she can start with one shift everyday, decreasing the number of shifts as and when required.


Being a teacher means that a mom has to work the same number of hours her children are at school. Once the kids are home, she too can join them.
Plus the Christmas holidays and the summer vacations can be spent by the mother in the company of her children. Salary wise too teaching jobs are better than many other part-time jobs, which a woman might be considering.
If the children study in the same school in which their mom is teaching, they might get some financial benefits on their fees. All these things make teaching jobs one of the best jobs for moms.


Moms who have a flair for writing can start working as a freelance writer, either for some website or for a local newspaper or magazine.
If you search through the Internet, there is always a requirement for writers who can generate content on a variety of topics, such as traveling, cooking, parenting, health, fashion, lifestyle, celebrity gossip, etc. So, women can take up such jobs on the Internet or they can write features/columns/speeches in a newspaper.
Freelance writing is best for moms, who have small children and thus are unable to go out to work everyday.

Internet Jobs

Other jobs for stay at home moms are found on the Internet. A woman has many options for online jobs like, data entry jobs or filling online surveys or become an affiliate marketer.
For data entry jobs, no skill is as such required. For online surveys, all a woman has to do is to fill certain survey forms, which are prepared by market research companies to check the use/popularity of a product/service.
To become an affiliate marketer, a woman has to start and maintain one's own website. All these online jobs can be worked at from home. They offer both good money as well as flexibility to a mother.

By Appointment Jobs

If you have a special skill, you can consider by appointment jobs, such as a hair stylist, photographer, or a personal trainer job.
You can also consider taking up catering services for some small office events or parties, or provide cleaning services to neighborhood houses. By taking up such jobs, you have the flexibility to schedule appointments and be with your children when required.
The perks of most of these jobs are incomparable- you are working at your own free will, earning good money, and at the same time bringing up your children yourself. So, without wasting any more time, start looking for similar work options. Best of luck!