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Best Jobs for College Students

Charlie S
Being a college student isn't just about academics. Most of them want to gain work experience along with studies to get an edge in the job market after graduation. Here are some job options..
Jobs for college students have always involved waiting tables at restaurants, being ushers at theaters or cashiers at supermarkets. Teaching and research positions are obviously reserved only for the academically inclined. So where does that leave the average-but-eager students, who wish to gain some work time that is not mundane or seriously academic?
Help is always at hand for those who seek it, so here are some ideas that will help you utilize your spare time, and not get bored to death. And of course, it may also earn you some extra cash on the side.

Chart Your Own Course

If you're the type who's suitably creative, or even nerdy for that matter, think of starting your own mini business. It could range from making personalized cakes for occasions or even writing a whole new software; you can get paid superbly for doing what you like.
Fashionistas can think of offering their style tips for a fee, and so can fitness freaks who create workout regimes. This way, you firstly get to pursue what you're passionate about. You get to build and hone your skills, along with gaining some very valuable experience. Plus, (and it's a big plus) you earn money. Can't really put anything against it, now.

Be a Model

People often mistakenly assume modeling to be something that's only meant for the physically blessed. Not so.
Although there are a lot of opportunities if you are basically attractive, people who are expressive, or possess some special features (lustrous, shiny hair or a pearly smile, for instance) can bag modeling jobs too.
These jobs are neither time-consuming, nor taxing. They can be really fun for those who are interested in modeling, and offer a glimpse of the real deal. The money may or may not be that great, but the experience will be worthwhile.

Use Your Pen

Good with words? Then put your skills to use. You can start with contributing to the local paper, and keep at it until they start paying you for your work. You can even think of working at your local radio station, offering to write scripts.
Use any specialized knowledge you may have to write niche pieces on travel, photography, science, food, entertainment, or anything that interests you. Be original and creative, and you'll start the journey to becoming a writer right while you're in college.

Become Animal Friendly

Although many may dismiss this as something meant for high school kids, being a pet care-giver is a great option for animal lovers. Seek hiring opportunities to walk dogs, or feed indoor animals, or even offer to stay over if pet owners wish to go out of town.
This is a fabulous idea for those of you who are interested in caring for pets and are responsible enough to do it. It is definitely not meant for you if you're only looking to kill time as you'd only be putting yourself at risk of an attack.

Enlighten Others

Students excelling at studies can think of using their spare time in tutoring others who aren't as lucky. On a college campus, you'd find lots of people who are weak at a subject that you may be good at, or are simply too lazy to study.
Of course, this does not mean that you should be doing their assignments for a fee. All you need to do is to offer your expertise on the subject and pass on your knowledge to them. It would help you earn money as you go on with your studies. Perfect!
So there you go- this list did not suggest you to work at cafes or malls, or do anything that is run of the mill. In fact, it urges to be creative and explore your options in order to gain some valuable work experience while being in college. Those of you who can come up with different ideas, make sure to suggest it to everyone.