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Best Careers for Sports Lovers

Mukta Gaikwad
Some of us harbor the love for sports for most of our lives. However, it only ends at the excitement in front of a television. But the career options for sports lovers mentioned here is your chance to turn this love affair into something far greater.
Love is playing every game as if it's your last. ~ Michael Jordan
The pure love for sports makes us pursue a game we love in some way or the other. When we are kids, we learn to play a sport, and then follow it through to higher levels till we realize that we could have other dreams too. However, the competitiveness of sports is so addictive that it lures you with its winning charm, and grips you tightly in its strategy.
Sadly, not every sports lover gets a chance to make a career in sports, and become like Andy Murray, Tiger Woods, Lebron James, or David Beckham. But there are various other career alternatives which give you the chance to nurture your love for sports. Here are some of the best careers for sports lovers to choose from.
These career options cover a wide spectrum, ranging from travel jobs to actually being on the field. All you need is to add a little fuel to the embers of your love for sports, for every achievement needs its undying passion!

Career Opportunities in the Sports Industry

Sports Journalist

Got a flair for writing, and love for sports? Do those seconds before the defining moment give you an adrenaline rush, greater than the player himself? Then get down to documenting every greatest moment in the world of sports, with a career of a sports journalist.
Taking photos at sport events, attending press meets, live reporting from sport events, and interviewing some of those inspirational sports personalities, will be as close to the gaming world that you can get with a career like this. Guess that's a great bargain!

Sports Manager

A team needs a leader and a glue that holds them together. A sports manager is essentially that super glue who holds the whole team together, and ensures that the show goes on.
Behind-the-scene jobs, managing the team's schedule, dealing with the media, making and getting approvals for team budgets, and handling the very business administration aspect of the team is what the sports manager does. This game is a job where business meets sports, and it could be your chance to shine as a star player!

Sports Agent

What is your take on players being transferred and those bids that sports club make? Does your opinion prove to be right eventually? Sharpen those opinions with powerful negotiation skills, and make a career as a sports agent.
Bidding for players, making those historic deals, deciding salaries for the players, and practically possessing the power to shape the career of a certain sports person lies with a sports agent. And with great power like this comes greater responsibility. Think you are up for it?

Referee or Umpire

We are all big critics under our skin. If you have microscopical observation for every hit in a game, every foul, and essentially every act of the game, then here's what you can make of it.
A career as a referee or an umpire requires that acute sense of right and wrong done in a split second. Think you have the knack? Then this is the best option for you.

Event Coordinator

No event ever takes place without a coordinator. A match or a game also needs a person to coordinate the logistics. Overseeing the responsibilities of a match, and making sure that it falls through smoothly is the main job of the event coordinator. This role puts you in a place to make key decisions, and make the event happen for the world that awaits it!

Sports Club Owner

If you have a generous amount of capital to invest, then starting your own sports club is not only a good career option, but also a great investment. This way, you get to be a part of several sports that you plan to open your club with. This could also be your chance to shape the sporting career of a young aspirants, through your club.


Pursuing a dream of a being a successful sportsman can be shattered due to some unfathomable reasons.
But what you've learned, honed, and achieved during your religious training can possibly never be a waste. Put this knowledge to use, by being a coach. There are several like you who aim to live their dream.
A career as a coach is a job that comes with a once in a lifetime chance to mold minds to walk on the path that will inspire the world. If you have the knowledge for the game, are a good communicator are a shrewd strategist, then coaching is what awaits you!
The aforementioned careers come with some of the greatest responsibilities which can make or break a player's efforts. Thus, if you choose to take up a sports-affiliated career, you might have to make certain academic alterations.
Gaining some hands-on experience will also help you get a picture of the job you may want to take up. Making a career in the world of sports requires as much dedication and perseverance as it would have taken you to become a sportsman yourself.