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Best Careers for Older Women

Neha Joshi
If you are a senior and can't deal with doing nothing, have a look at these jobs for older women; you might just find something interesting.
Being old does not mean that your career has no scope to grow. There are many women who take up a job much later in life and are still successful at it. A person's age, has never mattered in terms of success or prosperity, has it?
There are a range of jobs for older women today, ranging from teaching to starting their own fashion line. One thing that every woman has at this age, is a lot of experience that makes her worldly-wise in her own way. She has seen it all and knows most of the tricks of the trade. For women like these, there are some amazing jobs.

5 Career Options that You Can Look At


Teaching remains one of the best jobs for older women. There are a lot of vacancies for teachers from time to time in schools and colleges. If you don't want to work with any school or college, you can start with your own private classes at home. These don't need any heavy capital to start with and help you earn quite a lot.


Writing is another option. There are so many types of writing one can indulge in, that you are sure to find something you like. You can freelance with a local advertising agency or write short stories and sell them to a particular publication.
Apart from this, you can work as a content writer for any website that offers such a post. Then, you can also work as a ghostwriter or a copywriter. If you think you write exceptionally well, you can also give a thought to writing your own novel. However, for all of this, you do need a flair for writing.

Day Care

Opening up a day care is another option that works really well. If you have enough space, you can dedicate that to a day care. Though there are certain things you need to be clear on, there is not much to contemplate.
There are a certain set of rules and regulations you need to follow before opening a day care, the list of which you will get on the Internet or at the city office. Opening up a day care will give you free time towards the evening, which is a must, given your age.


Catering services are needed by a lot of people and the demand is pretty much continuous. The hard work needed in this career is a lot; so, make sure you are well prepared for it. Initially, you can work with a catering firm to gain hands on experience.
You personally must know the preparation details of most of the food items you will be providing. Once you have some experience, you can start off by opening your own firm.

Wedding Planner

Read up the duties of a wedding planner and see if you would like to take this up as a profession. The job, I must say, is very interesting and fun too. However, you have to deal with a lot of people, their different tastes, and the time-bound working hours.
Remember, age seldom has anything to do with your will to succeed and learn. Apart from these, you can also make a career out of a hobby you indulge in, if any. So leave behind all the worries and all the boredom, start afresh and start soon. If you really have the zest to perform, the entire world is your stage!