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Best Careers for 2020 and Beyond

Mukta Gaikwad
Take a look at some of the most rewarding careers for qualified aspirants in 2020 and beyond.
Your academic efforts and your professional pursuits reflect through your career. To find a suitable niche is an effort that gets infinitely extended for many. It is this confusion that makes many take up a job, instead of making a conscious career decision.
Getting adequate information regarding various job opportunities will help you to make the right choice. In times when economies can crash like a tower of playing cards, one needs to make a career choice with absolute prudence. Market researchers claim that there is a demand for qualified workers in 2020 and beyond in various sectors of development.
Besides the regular kind of jobs, one can also look at pursuing hobbies and interests as actual careers. The biggest advantage of turning your interests into a full-time career is that it keeps you invested in it for a long time. The inhibition of 'what if I don't like it' does not exist in such jobs.
Unconventional careers are not only monetarily rewarding, but also give you job satisfaction by catering to your self-actualization needs. Making a career is all about realizing your potential and doing what you can do, to its best.

Business and Finance

As the economies face new challenges, they do have some of the best careers to offer. The fluctuating business trends have led to a demand of qualified financial analysts who are capable of making profit out of losses. Auditors, financial consultants, finance managers, bankers, and finance advisers are some of the profiles that this sector offers you.
A bachelor's degree in commerce and an MBA in finance with a few years of experience, will give you an entry to this job that requires number crunching and careful planning. The other jobs in this field include sales manager, market research professionals, and entrepreneurs.

Insurance Jobs

Insurance is one of the evergreen fields and provides extremely rewarding careers to the aspirants. Jobs in this field are mostly target oriented and the operations involved are duration specific.
This field offers a variety of jobs in market research, actuary, claims, loss control, customer service, sales, under-writing, consulting, managerial, brokerage, analysis, audit, and several others.
The easiest way of getting into the insurance sector is by becoming an insurance agent. You can later explore the several sub sectors like vehicle insurance, health insurance, life insurance, general insurance, travel insurance, property insurance, and so on.


Medical jobs have always been in demand and will continue to be in demand, as health care facilities become available to a large number of people. This sector is growing each year by leaps and bounds. From being a specialized neurosurgeon to a nurse, a medical job pays more than your expectation.
However, one needs to go through prescribed formal training, residency, and some hands on experience to become a doctor.
If you are looking at medical jobs that do not require much training, then nursing and affiliated medical jobs are also remunerative. One needs to be able to work at odd hours, answer emergency calls, and handle pressurizing situations to be a successful doctor.

Aviation Industry

The aviation industry is growing each day as new airline companies enter the market, increasing air traffic.
Pilots and air traffic controllers are the ones who get paid the highest in this industry. To work as an air traffic controller, one needs to train with FAA's Air Traffic - Collegiate Training Initiative for a year.
Pilots are usually ex-servicemen or candidates who are trained commercial pilots. Other than these, the industry also offers lot many ground jobs. Being an air hostess is also a fabulous option for those who seek good paying jobs without a college degree.

Project Managers

A project manager is responsible for planning a project and its execution within a pre-decided time frame. He must be able to coordinate the entire workforce in order to complete the project successfully. Many times, a project manager has to work with clients to understand their demands and needs.
A person with a degree and training in management, is eligible for this post. He must at least have an experience of 3 - 4 years as a subordinate manager, before he handles one of his own teams.


If you are a geometry wizard and you love to draw symmetrical drawings with accurate measurements, this sector is an attractive career choice for you. Moreover, the earnings are lucrative and what you need is being creative and perfect with your designs.
But this is not all, you need to be exceptionally well versed with your academic subjects and focused, to crack the entrance examinations which are among the most difficult ones to pass. Civil engineering and interior designer/decorator are some of the alternatives that can be considered.

Media and Entertainment

Internet and television have swept the world with a virtual wave, which provides entertainment and education to its users, at their convenience. This ability of the media gives aspiring media professionals a chance to make it or break it with an interesting range of jobs.
Advertising, producing, directing, acting, editing, modelling, graphic designing, and writing are some of the jobs that the field of media offers.
The conventional forms of media jobs, namely radio, newspaper, and broadcasting are also give a novice a chance to make a big difference. If working under strict deadlines, challenging your creativity and using a mode of mass communication to carve a niche for yourself is what you can do, media jobs give you all of it. They also pay you handsomely.

Information Technology

Business Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Information Security, Android and iOS application development and SEO are some of the most rewarding sectors in the field of Information Technology.
A bachelor's degree in computers, IT, or equivalent along with professional training of one or more IT technologies can get you a good break-through in this field. Continuous up-gradation of knowledge is a crucial requirement of this field, as the technology is in a continuous state of transformation these days.


This is one of the highest paying professions. Administrative law, Banking law, Aviation law, Corporate law, Business law, International Trade and Finance law, Cyber law and Criminal law are a few of the highest paying sectors. Getting a Bachelor's degree in Law, or even a Master's degree with one of the specializations could be a great take off.
The next step would be to get a well-paid job in a reputed firm or to start an independent law practice. This is a highly skill based job for people who have an exceptionally high level of mental alertness and emotional stability. It is certainly not for the faint-hearted.

Out Of The Box Careers

If you are too worried about fluctuating economic trends, then you can opt for unconventional career options. Careers which do not demand formal training such as disc jockey, contemporary dancer, commercial artist, tattoo artist, stylist, filmmaker, music composer, photographer, or script writer are some of the jobs that use your talent in different ways.
Although these jobs do not particularly require any kind of conventional schooling, they do demand a training of a different kind. These jobs exploit your inherent skills, as opposed what you have learned through textbooks.
The top careers for this year are the ones that have foresight for developing countries and the world for the better. Any job that pays you beyond your expectations, expects you to go through formal training and get a degree at the least. Lastly, a job becomes the best job, when it satisfies your need for self actualization.