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Best Careers for Autistic People

Mukta Gaikwad
Every individual has a unique ability, and this holds true even more in the case of people with autism. Depending upon the level of autistic streak, the skill sets of these people vary. Hence, it makes them well-suited for various jobs. Take a look at a few fields in which autistic people can make their careers.

Did You Know?

Just 15% autists have full-time employment, while the remainder live in hope to find work someday.
Being different than the rest, always poses a challenge of being accepted in the bigger picture. It takes a little while for those around you to accept the difference you present. Those with autism would understand this feeling. However, being an autist could open a set of employment opportunities for you due to your unique traits.
People with autism work with a certain focus. Their inability to multitask can prove to be their winning quality in a workplace.
Interesting things to note about autists would be, their non-judgmental attitude, free of usual social expectations, excellent memory, no interest in mind games, and terrific focus towards the work that they enjoy the most. With such great qualities, there are various careers for them to excel at.

Good Career Options for Autistic People

Careers in Science

Making a career in the field of science is the best-suited prospect for people with autism.
The focus, precision, attention to details, and the memory required to conduct research and experiments make this a good option. The structured working requirements and the nearly non-existent need for socializing make this the best job for autists. Some of the greatest scientists in this world were rumored to be on the autism spectrum.
However, the condition was diagnosed and discovered long after they were gone. So, from being a greatest scientist to a lab technician, this field has a lot to offer for those with a few special abilities.

Careers in Writing

Autists are known to have the unique ability to think creatively, and this is a quality every writer seeks. As autists look at the world through a different lens, it gives them a world view most of us remain deprived of.
Some of the greatest authors like Lewis Carroll and Hans Christian Andersen were suspected to have autism, though the same has never been proven. Another career in writing would be journalism.
It is a known fact that autists can make great careers in writing if they put their mind to it. Also, as autists rarely ever get tangled in emotional conundrum, they can make brilliant journalists, where unbiased opinions are greatly valued.

Working With Animals

Autists find it very difficult to socialize with people. A little change in the environment can make them feel uncomfortable. This is why they are rarely ever associated with people-oriented jobs.
However, they tend to exhibit a different love and bonding towards animals. This makes them ideal candidates for working with animals. Veterinarians, veterinarian assistants, pet keepers, working at dog kennels, or pet grooming, are the best-suited jobs for them.

Working in Manufacturing Units

Repeating things or actions is a very commonly seen behavior amongst autists. If this trait is harnessed and trained, these individuals can perform brilliantly at manufacturing units.
Such places need employees to perform tasks that are mundane in nature. All that is required is to follow the set mechanical processes. Tasks that seem tedious and boring for other people, can be really liked by individuals with autism.

Other Options

  • Computer Programming
  • Animation
  • Commercial Art
  • Photography
  • Textile Designing
  • Data Entry
  • Jewelry Designing
  • Making Handicrafts
  • Inventory Control
  • Statistician
  • Physicist
  • Mathematician
  • Restocking Shelves
  • Copy Shop Assistant
  • Animal Trainer
  • Clerical Jobs
  • Drafting
  • Automobile Mechanic
Actually, there isn't a field of work that can be singled out for people with autism, as their skill sets vary. The difference in behavioral patterns also becomes the underlying factor for jobs for autistics. Honing the special abilities of autistic children from a young age can help them for the rest of their lives.
Autists are also known to have succeeded as music composers, painters, musicians, and craftsman. Being an autist can truly be an asset for life, as it gifts a person with a special set of abilities, which others may not possess.