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Bartender Salary

Charlie S
Looking forward to work as a Bartender? Want to know about what amount a bartender can fetch as a salary? ...about what it takes to be a successful bartender? Read on to know every such aspect about this profile along with the job description and requirements.
The most important aspect of the job of a bartender is to prepare and serve various alcoholic drinks to the customers. They are generally employed in places such as restaurants, hotels, lounges, and bars.
Due to the growth of the hospitality industry, the number of jobs in this profession has grown substantially. As per the opinion of the market experts, they will be in great demand in the future and hence, the pay scale has also shown a growing trend.

Pay Range

The salary depends on the years of experience, the location, and the employer. As per the various surveys, the average salary is believed to be around USD 30,000 per year. In the metropolitan cities, this figure can go up to USD 36,000 per year. Bartenders working at reputed restaurants, hotels, and bars earn more than those working at smaller restaurants.
They can earn a decent amount by the tips given by customers. Those working at the most happening bars earn significantly more, but they usually are the best and most experienced in the profession.
There are many bars which pay on an hourly basis, and also hire for part-time positions. Those working in places like New York, Florida, Massachusetts, California, and New Jersey can expect to earn a higher than average income after gaining sufficient experience.

What Do They Do

Bartenders use their profound knowledge of beverages to prepare drinks for the customers. Apart from the standard drinks, they invent new mixes to impress and attract clients.
Some bars allow them to interact with the customers, while other bars do not. The opportunity to interact with the customers can be a learning experience, as they can instantly identify their mistakes as well as receive praise for a job well done.
They are also expected to collect money for the drinks, ensure the bar is well-stocked, clean the bar area and display, plan bar menus, prepare appetizers, and supervise the bar staff.
Being in the hospitality industry, they should have a friendly, welcoming behavior towards their guests, and be able to interact with them in a polite and professional manner.

How to Become One

In most of the cases, the employers require candidates to have at least a high school diploma and some related vocational training. Besides, some previous experience improves your job prospects. In some cases, an associate's or bachelor's degree could be needed.
To gain work experience, candidates should work as a trainee in bars and learn the basics well. Having good communication skills, service orientation, and general social etiquette is also very important in becoming successful.