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Bachelor's Degree in Psychology

Psychology is a most interesting subject. There are many other career options that you get with a degree in this subject.
Girija Shinde
Psychology is the study of human behavior and this makes it very interesting, not only while studying, but even when you choose it as a profession.

Why the Field of Psychology?

As stated earlier, psychology is the study of human behavior and the human mind. This field provides you with something that other fields may not ― a chance to know why and how human behavior changes. It is also known as the science of soul.
There are many sub-branches in psychology like child, industrial, criminal, sports psychology, etc., and some emerging branches like color psychology, psychology of communication, etc. It also provides you with an opportunity to help people in distress. If you become a counselor, you can advice people about dealing with stress, which may change their life.

How to get a Bachelor's Degree?

For obtaining this degree, one needs to opt for psychology as a major subject in the junior year of college. Most colleges in the U.S. offer psychology as a subject. You can acquire this degree in B.A. and B.S. If you want to make a career in social, industrial, or developmental psychology, opt for B.A.
But if you are interested in psycho pharmacology or psychiatry, you need to choose B.S. In B.S., the focus is mainly on the chemical and biological aspects of human behavior. So before opting for it, think clearly about your interests.

Online Degree

If you don't have the time to attend regular classes, you need not worry because, the degree can also be obtained online which includes both B.A. and B.S. Most of these online courses are affiliated to a particular university. Some online courses don't have any time limit, while others need to be completed according to the schedule.

Careers after a Bachelor's Degree

Psychiatrist: The first thing which comes to anyone's mind when they think about psychology is a psychiatrist. To become one, the basic requirement is to have a degree, but that's not all. You also need to opt for the pre-medical course, which is mandatory in the U.S.
Assistant: Becoming a professor's assistant is another option. You cannot become a professor until you have a master's degree in psychology. With this degree, you can also assist in rehabilitation centers.

Social Worker: It also gives you a chance to serve people. You can join an NGO, and help the people in distress.
Forensic Psychologist: If the forensic field attracts you, there are jobs waiting for you. The minimum requirement to become a psychologist in forensic science is a bachelor's degree. However, job opportunities in the field of forensic psychology are more, if you have a master's degree.
There are other options like being a caregiver or a human resource assistant. This is where you get a chance to study different types of human behavior closely.