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Babysitting Jobs for 12 Year Olds

Divya Bichu
The summer break is here! Tweens are absolutely excited about taking up jobs in this break to keep themselves occupied and earn some good money as well. To find out more about these summer jobs, read on.
"The grass is always greener on the other side". Working adults look at youngsters and wish they could also play and laze around just like them, and not work. Tweens, on the other hand, are super excited to take a job during their school break. It feels proud to see tweens engage themselves in a job that pays them well. They not only realize the value of money but also spend their time doing something constructive.


If your 12 year old; enjoys been around kids, then babysitting is one of the best jobs for a 12-year-old that pays well. Babysitting is a job that requires a sense of responsibility, it requires immense patience and the ability to handle kids.
You will need to look after all sorts of kids, troublemakers, crying ones, the ones who get into fights, and the unusually quiet ones. You will need skills in creativity and play. One moment, you will find them listening intently to your stories and the next, they are fighting amongst themselves.
But, babysitting is a wonderful experience, and you learn to deal with children and increase your patience levels. You also learn to maintain a cool temperament.

Getting a Babysitting Job or Starting a Babysitting Club

There are two ways you can actually take up babysitting. You either offer to help a babysitter or start your own babysitting club.
Starting your own business at this tender age will require you to talk to your parents. Prepare nice flyers and hand them out at church, malls or local schools, to advertise your business. Start by babysitting a few kids in and around your area.
Word of mouth will give you the best publicity. Keep your parents involved initially, because it's quite a responsible job. Highlight your previous work experience in this field, if any.
Another way is to help some babysitter, and she pays you for this help. You can also take up a babysitting course from a Red Cross center in your area. Keep a list of people calling for sitters. Some specialized babysitting agencies can help you find a job. Enroll with such agencies or ask them if they know of any vacancies for babysitting jobs.

Tips for Babysitting

  • Keep your cool with the kids.
  • Keep a first aid medical kit handy and well equipped with all the necessary aids.
  • Keep kids away from sharp and toxic objects.
  • Plan fun play activities for the kids.
  • Misbehavior should be treated with positive encouraging words. Humor or redirecting their behavior is a good option.
  • Always ask parents about their kid's eating habits, likes and dislikes.
  • Kids may behave in an irritated manner if they are not put to sleep as per routine. Make sure you know the child's sleeping routine and act likewise.
  • Always, always, tell parents how wonderful their kids were, unless there is anything seriously wrong with the child's behavior.
This will only make them happy as parents, and you will keep getting babysitting jobs from the same household!
So, now you know all about summer babysitting jobs for 12 year olds. They are popular and pay well. They are not only limited to summer jobs, the flexibility of these jobs is such that it could easily fit in and around the obligations of schoolwork too. You can also take on such jobs only on the weekends!