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Auto Mechanic Job Description

Stephen Rampur
The auto mechanic job duties and responsibilities include all the tasks carried out to resolve car problems, and periodical servicing of the vehicle, maintaining the working condition of cars.
An auto mechanic is a professional who is an expert in resolving automobile and car problems. He has to carry out a wide range of tasks, according to the condition of the vehicle and the demands and preferences of the customer.
Some mechanics have their own garages, while others are employed in automobile manufacturing plants or service centers.
An auto mechanic may work on all the repairing and troubleshooting aspects of the vehicle, or may have a specialized area of expertise such as the brakes, engine, bodywork, wheels, transmission systems, or other car parts.

Job Description

Their main responsibility is repairing problems in vehicles. They receive service calls from customers whose cars are broken down in the middle of the road. They take the service truck and go to the location of the customer's car.
They first discuss the problem with customer, examine and determine the actual cause, and try to fix the problem then and there itself. If the problem is major and cannot be repaired on the spot, then they bring the customer's vehicle to the garage with the help of tow truck.
An auto mechanic necessarily has to possess high levels of technical abilities to be used in diagnosing the root cause of the problems found in vehicles.
He has to discuss all the problems with the owner and estimate the charges for fixing them. He has to work with advanced tools and equipment for car repair jobs. He may even have to use computerized systems for fixing the problems.
Along with the repairing of malfunctioning vehicles, handling periodical servicing of the cars is also one of the important duties and responsibilities. He has to work on cars which customers get for servicing and maintenance check.
Servicing and maintenance check includes tasks such as engine oil changing, tuning the engine, refilling all fluids, examining belts and hoses, and brake setting etc. After the servicing is dome, he takes a test drive to make sure all problems are fixed and to check if there are any other problems.
The salary varies according to the experience and expertise, state and city of work, facility of employment, and especially, the amount of projects to be worked on. Inexperienced individuals or those possessing less than one year's experience may draw an average pay of about $35,905 per year.
If you have one to four years of experience, you can get a yearly remuneration between the range of $22,723 to $57,948. Auto mechanics who are self-employed and have their own service centers normally make more money as compared to those working for others. Tips from satisfied customers also add up to their income.
If you are planning to become an auto mechanic, you need to possess strong technical and problem solving skills. For advancing in this field, you also have to keep learning about the latest technologies that come up in the automotive sector.