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Assistant Principal Interview Questions

Madhura Pandit
Job interview questions are asked with the intention of acquiring information about a candidate and his qualities. Here are some commonly asked questions for an assistant principal interview.
Every job requires certain qualities in a person and an interview aims at exploring these qualities in order to find the right person for the job. There are certain universal job interview questions that you may come across during an interview for any post. If you have applied for the post of an assistant principal, you may face the following questions.

Interview Questions and Answers

# 1: Tell us About Yourself / Your Background.
# 2: Describe Yourself.
# 3: Why do You Consider Yourself Suitable for this Post?
Answer - The above questions are commonly asked interview questions. They are open-ended, providing the candidate an opportunity to speak about himself. They will usually have generic answers. While answering these questions, you must highlight your best aspects, your strengths and any positive previous experiences. Do not talk about personal life or earlier jobs, but any previous positive experience in a similar field will prove beneficial. Also highlight any qualities you possess that render you suitable for the post.
# 4: Why do You Wish to Work for Our School / Institution?
- In order to answer this question, you will need to have detailed knowledge about the institution. You can elaborate your answer by using this information and making the interviewer realize that you are aware about the institution and really wish to work for them.
#5: What, According to You, Is Your Weakness?
Answer - Do not hastily reply that you do not have any weakness, as it is an accepted fact that every person has a weakness. But be cautious about expressing a weakness that is actually a required skill for the post. You can talk about any other aspect that is not related to the post. If you mention your lack of knowledge in a particular field, you must also mention immediately that you are willing and trying to learn.
#6: What, According to You, Makes a Successful Principal?
#7: What are the Essential Requirements for this Post?
Answer - Here you need to mention the qualities that a principal should possess. Qualities like leadership, farsightedness and empathy should be present in an assistant principal. He / she should also have good communication skills in order to communicate well with faculty members, students and parents.
#8: How will you deal with a troublesome child / parent?
#9: Do you think sports / other activities, are as important as academics?
#10: Are you comfortable with computers?
#11: How can a child's character be developed in school?
#12: What if you have a clash of ideas with the management?
#13: What are the steps that you follow in while making decisions?
#14: What are the short-term and long-term goals in your career?
#15: Did anyone / anything influence you in choosing your career?
You will also be given an opportunity to ask questions at the end of the interview. Do not hesitate to ask questions to clear any doubts about the working and functioning of the school. You can ask questions regarding the student-teacher ratio, or what are the extra curricular activities supported by the school for the teachers? Or are the parents actively involved? etc.
Before facing the assistant principal job interview, update yourself with some knowledge about the school and face the interviewer with confidence One of the most important job interview tips to be remembered during an interview, is to be honest and direct, and never lie or over emphasize any of your qualities. Good luck!