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Art Director Job Description

Stephen Rampur
The art director job description includes all tasks that are related to managing the administrative aspects of art creation and development...
Art is found in all fields that are available today and using it in businesses is a widely known concept. This creates the possibilities for a variety of art professionals to make it big in industries that need their creative services.
The art director is one such professional who is at an executive position. He is employed in a variety of interrelated sections of business such as TV commercials, film productions, newspapers, magazines, and many others.

Job Description

Advertising Art Director

An advertising art director consults with a copywriter and comes up with the main idea in the project. He is responsible for creating the visual and graphical aspects of the project. He tries to make the advertisement lively, interesting, and attractive using his graphic designing skills. He provides services in print media industries on a large scale.

Magazine Art Director

A magazine art director is responsible for overseeing the aspects of his design team for making the magazines look attractive. He has to make sure that the photos are appropriate and the artwork is captivating.
He may also have to work with other departments to increase the overall look of the magazine. He needs to possess the skill for finding out irregularities in photographs and artwork. He is expected to have good working knowledge of related design software.

Interactive Art Director

An interactive art director is expected to use his graphic design knowledge along with his understanding of digital media in projects. The work of these creative and technologically advanced professionals can be seen in product advertisements on the television and Internet.
As technology keeps changing and adding up, these experts need to upgrade their skills accordingly. They have to work with photographers, designers, and video editors to come up with the result.

Film Art Director

Film art directors need to begin their work approximately four to five months prior to the commencement of the shoot. They need to execute the shooting order of the individual scenes.
They have to manage which all sets are required for the complete project or the film. What materials and items are required is also decided by the director. He even has to take care of controlling the prescribed budget assigned for the sets.

Senior Art Director

A senior art director is handed over the responsibility of recruiting personnel in his team. He carries out a majority of the administrative duties in the project. He has to assign tasks to team members according to their skills and proficiency.
In short, he has to make sure that the quality and performance in the project reaches the maximum. Nowadays, an art director is also known as a production designer.
This is just a brief overview of the job description in various creative fields of the entertainment and advertising industry. However, there are many other tasks that are required to be carried out according to the requirements of the project.
The main determinant of the salary range is the industry of employment; whether print media, publishing, graphic arts, advertising, or film production, they all vary in terms of remuneration.