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Art Careers That Pay Well

Veethi Telang
A review of the best art careers that pay extremely well is given here, in this write-up. Take account of what all can a degree in Arts offer you...
They laughed at you every time you said you wanted to be a writer. You tried convincing them, for you believed you had a way with words. But they mocked you, saying, go, get a real job. You wondered what on earth is a real job now? One that makes you a lot of money? One that earns you loads of respect? Or one that is both?
All your friends took up Science and Technology, while you embraced Arts and Literature with arms wide open. Today, you are a successful writer, having published words of your choice, ideas that you believe are true, and people do read you. Praise you. Respect you.
Don't let your dream of becoming an artist die. Gone are the days when an artist was considered broke, miserable, and utterly jobless. Today, artists of all kinds are minting big bucks, which are much more than many other professions.
Yes, for you to generate heaps of money, there's a requisite - talent. But to your surprise, there's a long list of remunerative art careers, so that even if you find it difficult to figure out what career should you choose, you wouldn't be disappointed.

Most Lucrative Art Careers

Graphic Designing

Nothing's more impressive than those ads, pictures, and logos that speak more than a thousand words can.
Graphic designers create designs, pictures, brochures, and promotional material in order to communicate a message. You can work privately, on a freelance basis, or even corporations which require more and more graphic designers for the promotion of their products. Average Annual Salary: $48,421.

Fashion Designing

Do you picture yourself as the next Marc Jacobs? Or Stella McCartney? Or Ralph Lauren? Well, Fashion Designing is for you, where you can create billions of dresses, shoes, and accessories.
All you need to do is study fashion trends, sketch designs of clothing and apparel, learn to choose between good and bad fabrics, and launch your own product line. Well, a hefty salary is bound to come your way. Average Annual Salary: $65,199.


Whether you want to publish a novel, become a freelance writer, a technical writer, or publish your articles for newspapers, magazines and other periodicals, a job as a writer can fetch you an enviable salary.
If you get into an advertising company, you can take up the job of creating advertisements for print. On the other hand, if you believe you have the knack, you can start writing scripts and screenplays. Writing is one of the most rewarding art careers, that pay well and help you learn more and more.Average Annual Salary: $56,630.


Visual effects, graphics, cartoons, 3D, and what not! The field of animation is full of opportunities because of an increasing number of television shows and movies that are using more and more computer effects.
Well, animation, in itself, is an art collaborated with technology. If you want to frame a career in this interesting field, you need a strong technical background in the same, along with a sense of creativity. Average Annual Salary: $60,103.


Those skyscrapers look beautiful, don't they? Well, architects are to be credited for that! However, the design of a building involves much more than just the appearance.
An architect's job is extremely significant for he or she creates buildings that are not only functional, but safe and economical too. The better the designing sense, the better the structure. An architect considers all factors while designing a building, and makes sure it is suitable to the needs of people that are using it. Average Annual Salary: $60,980.
Should you look for more art career options, here's a list of those streams that might interest you. These careers mean heaps of money and ultimate job satisfaction:
  • Song Writing
  • Film and Video Editing
  • Movie Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Curation
  • Photography
  • Make Up Artistry
  • Interior Designing
  • Art Teaching
  • Sculpting
  • Video Game Designing
An artist is no more imagined as a painter with a stack of brushes and colors in hand. However, being a fine artist isn't the only choice for an art major in today's world. Today, whichever field of art you get into requires creative skills, which, mind you, not everyone in this world has.
Today, after reading this write-up, you are well-versed with the many lucrative careers in the field of art. However, you may not get a six-figured salary right at the onset. You need to persistently work hard, and never give up. Good things are round the corner, and a hefty salary is waiting for you.

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