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A Stunning List of Art Careers That You Can Choose

Kashmira Lad
Initially, it was believed that the arts stream opened doors to only a couple of career streams. However, in today's fast paces life a number of career options have emerged, make art careers an integral part of almost any and every business or organization.
Have you often dreamed about living in an exotic place and painting landscapes for the rest of your life? Or is advertising your passion, where you would love to convince consumers about the right-buy, through various innovative methods? I somehow had an inkling in my school days, that I always wanted to study art and get myself trained at a reputed institute for the same. Being an artist in the earlier days was considered to be the last option for those who believed that a career in medicine was the ultimate way of showing one's intelligence.
Today, art careers have blossomed to amazing proportions, offering many options and avenues for the creative artist. Contrary to popular belief, these careers are not restricted to only painting on the canvas or even working with advertising firms. With time, interesting and creative options have persuaded many creative artists to change their track and follow lucrative careers in art. So, what are the options available for such artists and how creative can it really get?

List of Art Careers

Video Game Artist

Such an artist must be proficient with 2D and 3D artwork.
A video game artist maybe required to perform more than one task, during the course of game development. The artwork must be consistent throughout the game flow. The background, the detailing of each scene, body coordination, and many other nuances, are to be handled by the artists.


The vast world of animation, and computer aided designs, allow artists a wide array of creative opportunities.
This filed allows artists to use their imagination, creativity and skills, onto the table in order to create diverse characters. Animation has become an intrinsic part of advertisements, movies, websites, games, music videos, and cell phones.

Graphic Designs

The vast world of animation, and computer aided designs, allow artists a wide array of creative opportunities.
This filed allows artists to use their imagination, creativity and skills, onto the table in order to create diverse characters. Animation has become an intrinsic part of advertisements, movies, websites, games, music videos, and cell phones.

Set Designs

Taking things to a larger than life level, requires you to think unconventionally, which comes easily to true artists. A degree in Bachelor of Arts in theater designs is a must-have, for perusing a career in this field. The artists are expected to envision the entire layout of the set, and discuss ideas with the carpenters, and the interior decorators.

Comic Book Art

You need not be a writer in order to make your own comic strip, because there are many writers out there who cannot draw, and are always on a lookout for talented artists.
Graphic novels have taken the world by storm and are being converted into movies, at the speed of light. So hop onto the bandwagon and get started today!


Whether it be designing book covers, or creating illustrations for children's books, the ability to express yourself through fine art are immense in this field.
These artists are the heart and soul of the story, because they give the readers a clearer visual insight into the writer's imagination and content.


These are highly specialized artists who enjoy exaggerating the features of famous personalities such as politicians, and celebrities. Unlike cartoons, this form of art targets specific people, or pieces of news / events, which affects public opinion. Caricaturists are a must in newspapers and magazines, which cover world events.


Printmaking has such diverse varieties, that it takes years for artists to gain expertise over them. Etching, engraving, drypoint, aquatint, mezzotint, lithography, screenprinting, and digital printing, to name a few, are some of the techniques that are still very much in demand and ever evolving.

Fashion Designs

Fashion and its entire entourage, has defined the years gone by and the ones to come.
Apparel designs keep changing and evolving, and returning into mainstream fashion, metamorphosized into something new, fresh, and yet vintage. Artists can take their flare for sketching and transform it into tangible fashion.

Jewelry Designs

Jewelry designing is an intricate art, which requires knowledge about how precious metals can be molded and used with specific types of precious stones, crystals, etc.
It requires design concepts, through sketches / digital art, for deciding on the pattern, design, and color palette for each piece of jewelry.

Footwear Designing

Footwear design is another specialized domain of the fashion world.
A degree course in footwear and Accessories design, and concept art is needed in order to get a professional footing in this industry. Artists can freelance their designs initially, to see how people respond to their designs and for attracting prospective clients.

Handbag Designing

Another accessory that keeps reinventing itself is the handbag.
Artists interested in making a career through fashion, may utilize on the ever-growing popularity of this accessory, in order to create a niche with their own designs. A deep understanding of fabrics, leather, and sewing, will aid in staying ahead in this competitive market.

Interior Decoration or Retail Artist

Both these avenues, require some form of professional training and allow the freedom to freelance.
Once again based on conceptual art, the artist is required to give a makeover to a particular room, house, office space, or set, which must match the
current trends.

Architectural Concept Designer

Architecture is a highly specialized and scientific form of designing.
Such designers are supposed to collaborate with civil engineers, and carpenters, in order to verify the feasibility of their designs. This field gives the opportunity to plan entire cities, and large spaces of land, buildings, and landscapes, with ease.

Industrial Art

Industrial designers are supposed to merge the world of art, design, engineering, and advertising, in order to create a universal product. Such a product must have a distinct shape and features, which makes it desirable to people. Such designers are to conceptualize the design, shape, color, and utility of products.

Advertising Concept Art

Have you ever wondered why some ads tends to leave a lasting impact on us, and we remember them for years all together? Making advertisement is another form of visual art, which requires conceptual planning. Artists are required to create vision boards or templates, for each scene of the advertisement.

Pottery Making

Pottery making requires some basic practice, trial and error, a personal workshop, and a whole lot of publicity.
Artists who wish to make a profession out of this skill, will need to create aesthetically appealing and unconventional designs, which will attract customers.


Sculpting has become an integral part of landscaping and thus allows avenues for new projects.
Sculptors need to be able to create what is asked by their clients. An ideal way of marketing your work, is to showcase your sculptures online, through blogs, and gallery exhibitions.

Carpentry Art

Making furniture has taken a dynamic twist and twirl for the better, as it increasingly adapts itself with modern needs and demands.
Furniture is being reinvented using eco-friendly, and cutting edge designs. Artists may use their eccentric and creative abilities, to create extraordinary designs, and pave the way for the future of interior decoration.


While some may think of origami as child's play, there are a handful who would beg to differ.
Exceptionally talented origami artists across the world, are revolutionizing the way a simple piece of paper can be manipulated and made into something unthinkably enchanting!

Metal Welding Art

Have you ever come across steampunk metal art?
If so, you know how effectively metal can be used to make everlasting art and sculptures. Metal can be molded into innumerable shapes and sizes, to make things which are beyond the ordinary. Artists can create furniture, home accessories, and landscape fixtures through this skill.

Glass Art

Glass art includes, making glass through glass blowing, glass painting, or engraving / etching.
Each of these require a different set of skills, time, and effort. It is up to the artist to decide, which glass art to select and sharpen their talent in. This field requires up-to-date know-how of working with glass, as well as how to market it well.

Junk Art

If you see beauty in everything, you as an artist must seriously consider working in the filed of junkyard designs.
This cutting edge field of art, allows you to use absolutely anything you wish, and create something stark. Anything from nuts, bolts, wire, tires, or hosepipes, can be used to make a work of art and a good living.

Artist or Painter

If the only thing you ever wish to do, for the rest of your life is to paint and only paint, then becoming a full-time artist is your career path.
Not a well-paying job for beginners, this field can reap sweet fruits for those who wait and work with diligence. Publicity of their work, is a must for such artists.

Some More Art Career Options

  • Art Restorer Graffiti Artist
  • Mural Artist Wood Carving
  • Food Art Fine Art Photography
  • Videography Filmmaking
  • Special Effect Artist Makeup Artist
  • Hairstylist Cosmetician
  • Tattoo Making Art Dealer
  • Art Gallery Assistant / Owner Art Critic
  • Art Therapy Art Teacher

Qualifications Required

You would need to check out with local institutes that offer a degree or a diploma that will help you get a head start, if you wish to have an art career. You can even check out the best colleges around the world. The most talented artists did not always belong to the best institutes and did not always study art as such. You can study on your own by observing the works of great artists and enhancing your skills along the way.
Art careers are such, that they let you explore your creativity and enjoy your job completely. You may not always end up with pots of money as is the case with other professions, but the satisfaction of creating your own work of art or design is beyond compare! Therefore, you must get your priorities straightened out before you go in for an art career. That being said, it does not imply that this field is not lucrative, however as a fine artist you would probably need a lot of skill to sell your work. Once you start off on the right note, there would surely be no looking back!