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Appointment Setter Job Description

Veethi Telang
They say, professionalism and hard work is what it takes to increase revenues in a company. For any sales organization, the more the number of appointments, the better it is for the organization to promote their business.
Appointment setters are people who offer that first impression of their company's business to clients, so that they can expect a successful dealing with their company. By bringing into use a variety of telemarketing tips, they contact potential clients and arrange a meeting with their company, so that its products and services can be discussed. 
The ultimate aim of any appointment setter is to set an appointment of a client with the staff of the company, so that they make new contacts, and expand the realms of their business. While the job appears to be an extremely easy one, it's really not. 
Setting an appointment requires a great deal of negotiation skills, a power to convince, and a comprehensive know-how. If such a job profile inspires you to become an appointment setter, this career path has a number of opportunities waiting for you to embrace.

Nature of Work

Mostly part-time, the nature of the work of an appointment setter is similar to that of a telemarketer.
However, the key difference is that while a telemarketer deals with selling products and services over the phone itself, it is the duty of an appointment setter, on the other hand, to make calls or take calls from prospective clients, and setting appointments and meetings for them to discuss business prospects with the company.
Calls are usually made by using a telephone directory, through automatic dialing systems, and video calling too in many cases. Furthermore, they also respond to and send e-mails to their clients for the purpose of setting appointments or meetings for them with their salesperson.
Appointment setters work on the basis of a monthly target, which includes a particular number of successful calls they have to make, and set appointments thereafter, in order to obtain full commission. Many such professionals are paid bonuses and incentives for their exceptional performance throughout the month.
While many appointment setters work all year on a full-time basis, some work on seasonal, part-time basis too.

Pay Scale

In the United States of America, their average annual salary lies somewhere between $27,000 - $45,000. While the lower limit denotes the starting salary, the upper limit represents the salary figures that an appointment setter gets after a particular number of years of experience.
Note that, the salaries are highly driven by the geographical region one chooses to work in, the employer industry that hires him / her, and the number of years of relevant work experience that an aspiring individual has. All these factors define what should the pay scale be for an appointment setter, on an annual basis.

Educational Requirements

While there isn't any requirement for an advanced degree in this case, a high school diploma or a bachelor's degree in business or finance ensures a great start. Also, it depends upon the type of your employer industry that determines your educational requirements.
For example, if you're working as an appointment setter for a medical service firm, you will have to be well-versed with the basics of medicine and medical terminology. While an associate's degree is helpful most of the time, all appointment setters receive on-the-job training for a few months, to get a gist of their work profile.

Career Prospects

Every company devises a number of strategies to boost up their sales, by targeting potential customers and updating them about their products and services. With industries having taken a giant leap of advancement, today, appointment setters play a major role in boosting up those sales.
They're specially hired to contact and respond to potential clients, and tell them about their products and services, so that if they display interest, an appointment can be fixed as soon as possible.
The job of appointment setters has become all the more crucial in huge companies, since there are a number of products and services, and it is not possible to manage a huge customer database without appointment setters and telemarketers.
All you need is a good rapport with people, and excellent communication skills, to kick-start your career as an appointment setter. The information presented above clearly explains that their job prospects are good, and career opportunities are in bulk. Well, a hefty salary is just a bonus of enjoying talking to people on the phone or in person!